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Prophesying Surfer Brings forth Amazing New Encouraging Words from God

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Telegram Prophesying Surfer

March 1. From God through Prophesying Surfer.

There is an inner city movement coming in USA, a strange alliance of street hardened men who fight now to save, not destroy the city. There will be city battles and marches again, but to resist progressive policies,  not to deploy them. An unusual alliance and blend of rough, poor men rise to baffle blue city officials who never thought they would turn. They turn on former friends  and ally with former street enemies to resist invasion of their cities, to preserve what they have.  The final straw has been pulled and so a 50 year old coalition and system is about to break. An inner city revolution. They know how to fight and they will.  What we have seen so far is just the tip of what is coming to the cities.  More on this in coming longer words.




I the Lord am a brushfire that burns out of control, night and day, for I am burning for my people and I cannot be stopped.  Your blankets of unbelief will not smother Me, for I roaring and I burn through curtains and berms and barricades set in My place. Therefore, I will light up skies with bright beams of emerald in coming days. Like green lasers, you will see them shoot in high places, like tracers that fire in succession, so you will see green lights, for it is GO TIME.

The Lord shall go then and unveil the end game and the mysteries and secrets of these years will be unveiled and uncovered and exposed in the light for all to see.   For I desire My people to know that I have not been absent nor far from you.  But I have been moving and rearranging mightily where you cannot see Me.  But now you will see me because you will see great and mighty events in your nations.

All who look will see that the tide has shifted. And not just a shift, but a switch and reversal has come. Seemingly out of nothing, the tide has gone blue to red. So now I tell you of RED TIDES. For tides will now shine like blood in coming days. Watch your waters, My people, for as the Nile turned blood red, so now I cause tidal flows and beaches to glow like the blood of My redemption.

For the time has come for the red sea to close on my enemies, and therefore, you will see red things in low and high places.  And what is naturally blue, like the sky and water,  will burn red in these days and in many ways.

[For one], Watch Finland and the Scandinavian seas says the Lord. Watch Norway and the high north seas, ad you will sea burning color at night, a flaming sky of fire, of unusual red auras that are red like blood. Yes, look there to see this sign: red sky at night.   Sailors delight?  Nay, for men do not sail under this, but their mouths drop as they gaze on angels dancing on winds of fire. Behold, I say to you, when you see dark red skies high above the north, in Northern Europe and beyond, know this: I the Lord will now redeem this world by my own hand.  I will remove your blood guilt by my blood sacrifice, and I will give you a bloody birth, so that you may live again.

So understand these signs correctly that you might rejoice, and not be afraid.  For armies now move out and people fear for blood loss and blood letting. But I the Lord ride the heights and show you that there is life in My blood. So seek the higher and marvel and turn from the lower.  For the lower makes blood covenants with wickedness but I have overcome by my power and the prayers of the saints. Nothing that wicked and vile men seek in this hour will last, for as the earth shook as my blood went to ground on that day, so now I shake the foundations of this world to bring a new day and the end of an evil time.

And this is how you know that I the Lord am saving you and not destroying you oh fearful ones! In coming days, you will gather together and murmur about what great things have been seen, just as when I rose. Men gather and they will remark about this great resurrection, that My Servant DJT scaled the heights again and stands now atop the nations. Poor men in far away places speak of this, for I tell you, if you can believe, when Justice comes for the one who bowed and vowed to honor and serve me and stand against witches and warlocks in high places, when he receives his due Justice from me, I will send the Spirit of Hope into all lands. Even tribal people who nothing of “western” ways will feel the effect on earth when Justice is brought to Victory in coming days.  Not that I, the Lord, do this for any man, but that they might see the fulfillment of My word and My plans.

So take heart and stand a little while longer, for Justice readies herself like a bride and waits for the moment when all the world’s people will read in shock for news of the second coming of My servant.

When he stands and receives what was already his, what was taken, but never removed, you will know that I have done it.

USA, USA, listen, says the Lord.  Do you not see My hand on him? How can one stand in the fire lest the Lord be with him?  So, USA, you will now be with him too.  As the king saw Daniel live and burn with My fire, but not singed, so I tell you,  leaders will now come over in awe and fear, as they see what is coming to pass.  For DJT will not just survive, but he will rise and glow with the fury of my fire.  I tell you, they will try to take his life, just as in Daniel, but he will walk out and fear will settle on hidden rulers, as fear overcame the king. Then I will give the keys to the kingdom to My servant and they will bend the knee this time.

So watch how this plays out in coming months, as summer settles in and a pall lies over those who oppose him.  Desperation breeds foolishness, and panic comes out with acts of violence and fear. So now they ratchet up and begin to burn things again.  Do you hear them? “We will do Floyd 2.0” they say. So watch again, how grievances are created and screamed and they march in downtown Atlanta and eastern cities.  But I tell you, it is all artificial and there is no power in it.

Trouble in city streets again? Bank on it, for even banks will burn in coming days. Yes, I tell you, Bank of America, is this like 1968 to you?  They will try to torch institutions and storefronts to make a point. But it will fall flat and turn the ship even further to the right.

Behold Chicago, in coming days, It will seem like civil war, for now there is a movement against this false movement.  Confrontations ensue, as political alignments flip and now men stand to save and not destroy the city.  Chicago is like 1968 now, as factions within factions rise and fight each other. Not red v. blue, but black on black, and native versus foreign, as new alliances form from the feet of those who walk the streets.  A strange thing that defies the past, an emerging coalition that has suddenly turned to preserve, and not tear down.  Yes, “conservative.” But not Republicans. They seek to conserve American ways now, for they are threatened from aboard and soon, city-nationalism, localism and parochialism is a fire, as  inner city dwellers in New York, Chicago and other cities fight in streets to save the streets.

As in Europe, nativists now rise and what is called “xenophobia” to some takes root as strong men who once killed each other make alliances to defend territory.  Watch, you will see this soon: the gangs and street fighters will create a new alliance and put down arms against each other.  I tell you, I will reduce gun deaths in the cites because of shared enemies.  And they will march.  “It may be a wreck and a ruin, but it is ours!” I tell you, they will turn on those who were once their benefactors and they will put them in impossible positions.

Therefore, because of this, America, you will see war of a new kind in your streets, and violence that serves new purposes.  The spirit of Malcolm X is in the cities, to drive out traitors and to expose political charlatans and self-dealers.   

The end has come, says the Lord, for the Dem machine in Chicago.  It will burn, yes.  I tell you, now they target Democrat institutions, offices and places. Watch this revolt, how quickly it comes!  For in a single day, they will attack the mayor’s office and demand an end to “sanctuary.”  This is a revolt that is long overdue and now it is paid.  Summer of ’24: when the Dem machine was broken and run out of town!

Yes, Chicago, but you are not alone! I tell you a secret, what has begun as a territory revolution will turn into a full blown revolt against the Democrat party. They are speechless now, as their former  wards and friends blast them in and out, up and down, with charges and accusations. Watch your screen, as men of strength and passion turn and stare down and call out Dem politicians.  Those who stood by you now curse you in anger, for the spell is broken.


Prophesying Surfer: 1/16/24

Free PDF Here

“Go therefore, into the nations, and make them disciples, says the Lord your God, the holy One of Israel, who rides the clouds and pours Justice down like rain! For I am doing this even now; I am covering the earth with a blanket of Truth that smothers every lie. Like one who quenches strange fires, I am smothering the foul and wicked schemes of my enemy in this hour. I have angels, like legions of fire fighters, at my side and with every attempt to create a smoke screen to hide the truth and my redemption, they come in and quickly put it out.

For it is my fire and my fire alone now that shall burn in the earth. Like a hidden pocket of embers, it was buried in the land. But I have taken it and turned it into an all consuming wildfire that turns, as I blow on it like the winds, to purge and chase out the squatters who stole My nation without a shot and with clever bonds.

Yes, I am now like one who watches a fire that is at the edge of a wicked camp. And now, we will enjoy the show, a great revealing and judgment that is lit and animated by the fire of God Almighty. So you will see, in these days, their faces lit with fear as they understand they have been stalked and surrounded. Some will jump into the flames and receive their due before its time. Others seek to break out, but I will capture each one.

But there are those, My Children, who see the end and the judgment, and who come over quietly in the night, like the curious Pharisee who sought Me in secret. They come now to My servant, hat in hand, with information and proof of lies. To save their future, they now buckle and bend and make deals to avoid their own “end-times.”

And so my servant, My David, takes some back and others he binds with secret truths to keep them still and useless. So this is what you see: information warfare! Yes, but my servant has it all. This is the Trump card being played now: that My David has all he needs to bring them to their knees.

So he goes forth to give them a choice: to submit or be destroyed. And they bow, one by one, as he goes through the front lines, as Congressmen and influencers in government get in line, or rather, are pulled out of the way to make way for the entrance and return of DJT. They are setting the stage for it now.

For what? For My servant to be called back and come back without a war, without an opposition of any means or force. They are even now taking out voices and taking out votes. They bind their hands and their mouths with evidence of bribes and wicked pleasures.

So Congress is like a bent man now, halfway “broken.” Half-way—like a bow. So it is bowing to his hand, it is succumbing to the Trump card, the display and revelation of utter filth within the houses of these “great ones.”

Truth of parties, truth and visuals of underground rituals and baths with young innocents. Do not fear, says the Lord. I have it all.

Do not say, “They spied on us,” for I have spied on them. I have captured their payments and the images of their “indiscretion.” Who has it but My servant?

So he doles it out carefully, one at a time. So the evidence of this great move of “my hand” is this: they will soon lock up Congress. The ones who will leave, will certainly do so, but they will make no fuss until then.

Is it possible for Johnson to leave too? Is it just a strange coincidence, an unusual move for him to hand the ball back to the same people, to the blue team? Nay, nay. His mind is mine. Do not judge by appearances but by My Spirit! Is not My servant the Commander? Does he not call the shots? Yes, and he shall call this shot: a great heave, a buzzer-beating shot. A called shot from a distance, until it is time for him to step to the line before the grand stand. He calls the shot in Congress and the call is this: Johnson will appear to implode and go mad. He will hand the strings to the other side and chaos will erupt because of it.

Watch! The House is like “animal house” now. Johnson has thrown a “bomb” in the caucus and triggered a great commotion. Again!!? you say. Yes, but worse. Johnson, Johnson says the Lord, you too will bow out because of My servant. Take a hit for the team.

So in coming days, the great House will once more cry out for leadership, as Johnson with solemn face says he will step aside for the good of nation and party. Tears. Crocodile tears. A sad day.

But now, a rumble and a sudden strike. Who is this coming in on the back of the donkeys? It is I, says the Lord. I will come in with My Servant to the House and the donkeys will submit by the power of truth! Some run, some hide, but there will not be enough on that day to stop what is coming.

I tell you, what is coming is this: a methodical progression through the House. Hidden, yes, until the day when it breaks out, and it is too fast and too sudden for them to align. It happens quickly my Children!

Watch, the door will be opened. It will shut down. Yes, the government will shut down, to create tumult, the waves and scene to to take out the Speaker. Taken out by a wave of budget fury as the House explodes. Let it thrash itself, until they say Johnson must go! Johnson, my son, well done, well done, take a bow and step aside for a time. Yes, step aside and leave a “vaccuum.” Leave a chair empty, waiting, waiting.

Who will fill the Speakers chair!? Who is worthy to speak for the people? And now he comes in quickly, and votes are cast and shock settles in the House. Oh, Senate leaders, terror fills your heart, for he is here now and it is your turn to fear. So you will see this soon: can DJT run for President and be Speaker of the House? Yes. My servant DJT will accept and answer the call this time, “long enough to get a deal and someone else in place A few weeks, a month and then I am gone.” Misdirection, misdirection. Look at the election!

Nay, watch the House, My Children. Watch the strange events, the odd choices, the players playing for a championship behind closed doors. For the plan, it is not to elect, but to protect. To protect the election, I will do this: I will elevate My David to “King” through ancient means: whispers and rumors of the demise of this one, and information held over heads. The reason you do not see it all come out, My people, is that they are using it to turn some and neutralize others, to make way for DJT.

Now it increases. Faster, faster, they fall. They climb the ladder now to bring choice and justice to the highest of the high. Congress is also tied down and locked in and they will release information and evidence about the Senate and My servant will show them their choice, too. Time is up. Submit or be ruined. McConnell knows. Schumer knows. “He must be stopped!”

So, be of good cheer, be of stout hearts. I am even now turning around a nation without an election. But tarry people, until an entire nation and government bows and submits to the return. They will all cry for his return and agree it is right to bring it about.

In DC, only “essential services” now. Go home. When they are home, yes, My servant will make moves. The nation is finally about to have its shut down. Die on Budget Hill? Yes, they will. The tumult, like a boiling pot. The budget of Johnson will go down in defeat and through inner war. So when the storm comes, no one is home in DC, but the big players. An ice storm, for relations are now icy. Frozen stares and ideas to “break the ice.”

There is only one who can trod down this winepress, only one who will be called. Do you hear it? We have asked DJT to serve as Speaker for a temporary period, long enough to get a budget. Tick tock. On the clock now.

So I tell you that the next months will see a spotlight on the House in DC. For this is the spot now, not S. Carolina or New Hampshire. Watch the “birds” up there, but in DC, a snare is laid.

And what of evil, what shall it do? A shutdown of a different sort is the plan, not of money, but of terror. When My servant rides in, they will seek to stop it with emergencies. “Pollute DC!” they say, and then we will flee and stall the advance.”


Prophesying Surfer – WORD OF GOD on 11/1/23


“Brace yourself, My children.  Wicked winds now come, blowing across the plains, tearing up dead trees and knocking down pillars of salt.  I am cleansing my church, I am uprooting fake pastors and those who spread out hands, but have no heart for Truth.  For Truth has been declared an enemy and bound and gagged, a prisoner of smooth talk and easy living. So I will now come with My angels to release truth, and what could have been said gently at one time is now a roar.   

The ministries and preachers of peace and unity, who use it to smother my commands and my power, will now feel my wrath.  What else can I do? I sent people to wake them,  I brought forth prophets to shake them,  I showed them their faith like a grain of sand in the time of sickness! But they would not turn. They continued on with a false gospel of comfort and kind sayings.  They ate pudding when I wanted to give red meat; the power, the glory, the Truth and deliverance.

These so- called pastors served up soft balls, for their own peace and comfort, lest they turn and be healed.  So now my word is this: prepare your heart and home for a winter like no other!  Oh, ye “House of God,” prepare for snow that will cave in roofs and your own homes will be without power, for you do not know Me or My power.  So these great houses who gather in my name on Sunday for a hour of gentle words and friendly pillows, who make no demands, who deliver no one- except they deliver from My Spirit- their roofs and steeples will collapse from snowfall and blizzard winds. In Chicago, and the upper Midwest and Ohio valley region, watch how I close “sanctuaries” for the religious and homes for the “dead.”

Do not say, “This is not the Lord!”   Have you not read my letters to the churches in Revelation?  Will I withhold My hand forever from those who take my name but worship their own ideas and thoughts of who I AM? You are so used to it, you cannot even see how far they have fallen from the Tree! But I see and I judge, with Truth.

So Truth is now a powerful blow, a SLAP of branches and trees that destroy steeples and doors. Truth is a blizzard that roars into Iowa and Michigan and the upper Midwest, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  It cuts off the highway in the center, and shuts down services.

Listen, I tell you I will halt even your Christmas shows because of it. I will not let you comfort yourself  with your once-a-year dress up show and pretend worship! Go home and cry by a fire instead!  Seek my face in the light of the flames, as snow blows around you.  The world is a “white-out,” so you will not go out but stay in on Christmas eve. Chicago cathedral, blow out the candle, I cancel your tradition.

In the deep south, they will wonder at it. Snow this deep?! Not since the days of Dixie, have they seen such a sight in New Orleans. Snow in the bayou!  They will laugh, yes, but know this sign: unprecedented weather means the coming of unprecedented events in your nation.  For now I will end this “winter” for My people with a bang.  I have saved the best for last, My Children, and so I will suddenly and dramatically flip the system on its head. And those who were the head will now be led in chains by those who stood up and made a pact to “Save America.”  For the days are short now, just as in the sky, for false preachers and false politicians.

So you will see great moves begin to happen in your nations’ capitals. In DC, you will hear an uproar and a great shuffling, for parties and people will now shift and slide like never before. Those who said they were “D” will now become “R” and those who were “R” –but not “Right” -will move on and not run.  And it will be like the days of David, when Saul’s men converted, and David’s camp grew.  Those who will not come over will be gone, MIA. I tell you when you see the Senate, the old gray movie, in coming days, I will change its stripes.  The old beasts carry burdens that they cannot hold up, so they will FALL TO THEIR KNEES, buckle and gasp for air.

Mitch M., what are you saying?   He cannot get his breath. Stroke. Bring him down, lay him down.  So you see Mitch, I am Lord of this house, too. And your sin and lies have caught up to you now.   Are they not like a real weight, a heavy toll on your mind and soul?  So he will surely not bear it up.   The final straw is near, when Mitch will bend and bow and turn and they will lead him out a final time.  Get ready, Mitch. I take the mantle from you and give it to a new one.  Can the senate have a leader as in the House? Are we not steadier and smoother, a slower, “deliberative” body!?  Nay. I have deliberated and decided: I will have one with power and flavor.

John Thune, you think you are next.  But you are the butler who puts things in a man’s ear, and no one gives the butler a crown.  No Thune, not for you.   I have another coming who is on My team.  Scott will soon be called. Rick Scott, your time has come!  So I will give you a divided senate again, and the 2 at the top will spar and fight for truth. For now, the Senate is an old folks home; they all agree on the same meal, happy to eat at all. But soon, they will quarrel over pennies and dimes, and times and schedules, rules and notices.   

I declare over the Senate, a NEW DAY! WAKE UP SENATE!  I cast the clouds and scales away. MAGA in the Senate? They will shudder at the thought.  The last foothold, slipping away. And so they will slip and fall this winter.  Watch them fall on the steps. Their legs are gone. I have made their way slick. So you will see Senator Grassley stand, but another slips and falls. A sign they have lost their way.  The true stands, the false crumbles under the weight of lies and pay offs. The old is gone and new has come.

Now look abroad, My Children!  What do you see? Uncontrolled spread? Disaster opening its arms to swallow nations? Let it be known to you that I am never out of control, and as events “spiral out of control,” I will reel it in just in time.  For what looks like death to a nation will be life to the world.  When the US is on the brink of nuclear war, I will make a great move to bring back the rightful heir.  So let nations rise now. Let them rise in indignity and alarm.

Who is this from the North? Erdogan? Turkey?  Turkey will now rise and move closer to Israel. This Thanksgiving appetites will grow, and while Iran waits, Turkey baits, and sees a lane.  So watch and see what Turkey does.

Goodbye NATO!  You are fried like a dead bird.  A Little wing has broken off and now they are at each others throats. Who will go next.  NATO, NATO! I toll the bell for you. You will crack and split, just as I will crack and split you on the inside.   Scandinavian nations, you are out of your league now!  Deluded and high on your own righteousness and bureaucratic institution. Will it stop a bomb? Your global regime and law-based order is a joke now.  They laugh at you. But in one day, you will not laugh EU, but fear, as Putin and his men send notes in backdoors: “We will not play games anymore. Ukraine is ours. Peace or war? What will you have!?”

For the war comes home now to Europe, as sabotage is seen along their borders, but they dare not make a charge, lest war be demanded and declared.  So watch in coming days in Europe, as fires burn in their backyards.  Finland and Norway, will they really go to the mat for you? Nay, nay.  They will not, so turn the cheek now, turn, turn.   They will turn against Ukraine soon and break with Germany and Netherlands and UK.  I will SPLIT the EU and NATO down the middle, for scales fall now from the eyes of the blind, and tripwires are set off to show the truth. Messages sent and received.

Russia gains and grows. Soon Putin will stand over Ukraine and deliver ultimatums that cannot be ignored, for the end has come for Kiev.  Soon, they march again to Kiev and this time they will carve it up.  A peace is coming, but not a peace for the west, but for East. For they will also take it to the brink, but back down as sirens sound.  In the New Year, they gather for the final push. Ground hardens —and hearts too, in the West.  A house divided cannot stand.

Ukraine will fall.

They will paper it over and move on, and bitterness is in their hearts.  Abandoned by  the US. Now news comes of the backdoor  kickbacks and payouts.  Will Zelensky turn? To save himself, yes. Peace at last. A bitter peace for the West.

Disorder brings order.  So watch this sign of what I am doing. On the high seas, a freight container will explode; a ship of cargo will blow up. What looks like destruction is salvation. So, if things fall apart, it is because the ship is rotten inside. Tear up the planks, let it be exposed. The nations are a ship corrupted from inside, and to cleanse it, all their resources and defenses must be destroyed. So when you see this sign, a cargo ship explodes with great force, know and understand: the wicked ship of (deep) state is being destroyed.  My servants have ” the goods”  and now go place to place to destroy hideouts and caches and suddenly, they will take the big prize: the WH.”


Prophesying Surfer 3/22/23

Note: I know this 3/22/23 word sounds crazy. Im not getting this from “conspiracy” channels. I told you a couple weeks ago that I was pressing in about 20-20, DJT and the last 3 years because of clues in prior prophetic words from and some of the strange governmental events occurring last 2 years. I received the word Im about to post then, but did not release it until now.

“Little children, my plan has always been good. From long ago, I looked upon your nation and purposed within Myself to rescue it from the pit. But I needed someone like David, someone with mettle to face giants and not back down. And I found that one, one who others sneered at. As they sneered at David, they sneered at My David and said “He cannot be the one to rule over Jerusalem. He is not fit.” But I the Lord decide by the inside and not what you see. Isnt all mankind putting on a show of some kind? Yet, I see into the true and I overlook the false, so I hand picked one, as I picked David, because I saw how his heart would grow and I did not look at the weakness of his flesh. For was not David a man of lusts and hard sayings!?

Yes, but I created a kingdom around him and I let him grow into his throne in Me. But you do not allow anyone to grow, it seems. But you judge once and hold it until the end, even as My servant learns his purpose and role away from you and keeps it to himself. But now I say unto you this truth, if you can bear it, because before you could not: the end has come at last and I will SHOW you what has gone on and how My David restrained himself for your sake, to keep a secret for a very long time, and not exalt himself, but waited until I say “GO!” And now I have said, “go,” so it is about to be shown. Did I not hide myself and my identity for almost 3 years? Can you believe that your President would hide himself for a nation, to allow it to see evil, to give men time to prepare for the big reveal and shock of the eyes? And what is this shock and reveal you ask?

Tremble nations, tremble now, for the shaking you see is the shaking you will feel within yourself when you hear this news. My Donald has known all along who you are and what you did. I tell you, he hid himself for a time, but now that time is about to change. They will bind only to see themselves bound! How glorious and magnificent! A nation that was not a nation, a president that was not a President, an election that was not! A mirage: what you have seen is a mirage and an image of the real, but without the cornerstone! A facade and empty scene. My children, listen now, listen: your President never left his call, he never gave up his staff or his chariots– he ruled from behind and did not seek glory for it! What am I saying? Only this my son: DJT stood that same somber day in 2020 and took his oath and swore to continue to defend the Constitution, and he was given authority and assumed authority and he took it with him and it never left. That is why things seem like two realities, like a show within a show, or picture within a picture, because the real one is hidden and the false one is up front.

And in coming days, you will learn that your President was in charge of many things, and that the one out front was a caretaker, and he knew he was a half-president. and the other, My Donald, held the keys to fire and power all along. For they consulted and they declared: he will bind them, these false ones, with their own words and cords. “We will use their emergency to cut them off!” For I say to you, Haman’s noose, what is it? ——-an emergency to control the people becomes an emergency reason to slay the wicked. I have done this; I gave My plan to my own and they ran with it. The plan to create a dual government with law, because of their own treasonous act of war and unleashing of sickness. They said “we will make them sick and take over!” I said: “You make them sick and I show My David how to keep and wield military power.” For he is still “king” in this regard. They issue their programs, but My David issues orders to kill and capture and destroy. Do you not see this thing?

Here is a truth: Two Presidents with two offices. One lives under a plan and the other under a light. Therefore, this is a strange time, unlike any other! In days to come, they will write about shadows within shadows and consult about the day the government split and David went south, while Saul stayed and wielded his weakening power to try and slay David before the time of the throne! And now that time has arrived. David is moving and Saul is in panic. So they throw all forces in the field to capture David! But nothing will by any means hurt My Servant. But he will hide and then he will appear. And when he comes, he will say this unto you: “I am the rightful “king” and I have stayed away that you might see and learn how Saul has evil spirits.” Now they gather his henchmen, and the trials and sword shall fall, for Justice is not a slow thing now, but a quick “bite,” and a quick end to it!

Listen, suddenly in one day, all will be reversed and be known and the nation will, as one, hold mouth open, and some will scream.

Chaos in the cities, chaos! But do not fear! This too has been readied. My Servant knows this time what to do and he will move swiftly! Their own plans, their own agencies, their own fences and camps used against them! Glorious Justice, perfect in Truth! They will mourn in places ad jails meant for you My people! For David comes now, yes, he comes for recompense and retribution and a turning around. “The shoe is on the other foot now,” for I will round up insurrectionists and rebels against My nation and TREASON will be a word again, and not a theory, that men fear. So take heart and hold fast and be strong in courage. Your time of waiting draws to a close.

Backlash will come, yes. But you will know the truth and it will set you free from doubt and anxiety. Listen children, the 20-20 election that you cried over and fought each other over– it is of no accord now. So you will see the end-around and the “by-law” They made it for others, but I turned it back on them! Their emergency has become your salvation! Who is this that does this?! Who turns disaster into victory, a prison camp into a war tent? It is I the Lord! I took My man and I showed Him my plan: to hide a government in plain sight, within the kingdom, and gather his Mighty Men, and then he moved on the Philistines and the inner plotters with them. The end is nigh and the story is about to turn again, but do not sleep now! The sheep will roar soon. Watch and see this sign: a great shadow shall be seen now. Watch it unfold over rivers and valley.

JB is a shadow, so he will slip and fade and drift off. His time is at a end. Poor Joe- he was a wartime President without war powers. They were taken before he stepped into office. But yet I tell you a secret: Joe has coughed up truth when he did not expect it. He played his part well and now he will step off stage and retire to his home. The old Joe is gone. In coming days, they will not remember Joe as President, but a dual office and split responsibilities. One was “essential” and one “nonessential” Hah! Do you not see the symmetry?! I gave essential to DJT and non-essential to JB; so he orders the many, but My Servant commands the troops.

What a beautiful glorious hope we have. A Warrior who fights for us when we were ready to surrender. But if my servant had not stepped down and taken on this mantle of “king in waiting” you would be slaves now and prisoners. But he took his calling and went down the ladder to be raised up! They thought they could take him out while he played his part, but now that is done. President DJT is about to make an entrance and he will tell you just what I am saying: “They declared war so I took the spear with me and let Joe have the show. But now that is over, the emergency comes to a close, so I return and I take it back and I will bind Sauls house with an order and I will try lawbreakers and plotters with Swift Justice.” But be on guard, for the enemy will now try chaos to stop it.”