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As the Holy Spirit is in the process of teaching his children, how to listen and prophesy, DO NOT JUDGE THEM! Prophesying Surfer


Jesus: “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully TRAINED will be like his teacher.”  Luke 6:40. 

Dont hear that one preached much. 

One reason why people are at different levels of hearing, seeing, & different levels of prophetic accuracy is that they are at different levels of training. 

Why would we think someone who just got the revelation of hearing His voice will hear & prophesy like someone who has gone through decades of training with the HS (i.e., learning, obeying, making mistakes, praying, paying the cost in time etc)?   

Training.  With HS, who teaches us all things. Jn 14:26

And how do we know someone is well trained? They get closer to the ability and fruit of their teacher.  Someone who has not gone through much training from the teacher will not prophesy or heal or do much like the teacher.  But one who has will.  

And lets give room for people to be trained.  We should not require mistake-free ministry from those in training.   People will make errors and learn in training, just as in secular training.  If someone misses on a word maybe it’s not that they are a “false” prophet. Maybe its because they are not yet fully trained. 

For those who are in the beginning or midst of training: its ok to be in training.  Dont try to be like someone who has gone through a lot more training with HS than you have. Just do your training: go to the secret place with the teacher, ask seek knock, obey, release. Do it again. HS will give you bigger lessons, revelations and assignments as you go.