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Older Prophesy Given Through the Prophesying Surfer on 3/22/23

Prophesying Surfer 3/22/23

Note: I know this 3/22/23 word sounds crazy. Im not getting this from “conspiracy” channels. I told you a couple weeks ago that I was pressing in about 20-20, DJT and the last 3 years because of clues in prior prophetic words from and some of the strange governmental events occurring last 2 years. I received the word Im about to post then, but did not release it until now.

“Little children, my plan has always been good. From long ago, I looked upon your nation and purposed within Myself to rescue it from the pit. But I needed someone like David, someone with mettle to face giants and not back down. And I found that one, one who others sneered at. As they sneered at David, they sneered at My David and said “He cannot be the one to rule over Jerusalem. He is not fit.” But I the Lord decide by the inside and not what you see. Isnt all mankind putting on a show of some kind? Yet, I see into the true and I overlook the false, so I hand picked one, as I picked David, because I saw how his heart would grow and I did not look at the weakness of his flesh. For was not David a man of lusts and hard sayings!?

Yes, but I created a kingdom around him and I let him grow into his throne in Me. But you do not allow anyone to grow, it seems. But you judge once and hold it until the end, even as My servant learns his purpose and role away from you and keeps it to himself. But now I say unto you this truth, if you can bear it, because before you could not: the end has come at last and I will SHOW you what has gone on and how My David restrained himself for your sake, to keep a secret for a very long time, and not exalt himself, but waited until I say “GO!” And now I have said, “go,” so it is about to be shown. Did I not hide myself and my identity for almost 3 years? Can you believe that your President would hide himself for a nation, to allow it to see evil, to give men time to prepare for the big reveal and shock of the eyes? And what is this shock and reveal you ask?

Tremble nations, tremble now, for the shaking you see is the shaking you will feel within yourself when you hear this news. My Donald has known all along who you are and what you did. I tell you, he hid himself for a time, but now that time is about to change. They will bind only to see themselves bound! How glorious and magnificent! A nation that was not a nation, a president that was not a President, an election that was not! A mirage: what you have seen is a mirage and an image of the real, but without the cornerstone! A facade and empty scene. My children, listen now, listen: your President never left his call, he never gave up his staff or his chariots– he ruled from behind and did not seek glory for it! What am I saying? Only this my son: DJT stood that same somber day in 2020 and took his oath and swore to continue to defend the Constitution, and he was given authority and assumed authority and he took it with him and it never left. That is why things seem like two realities, like a show within a show, or picture within a picture, because the real one is hidden and the false one is up front.

And in coming days, you will learn that your President was in charge of many things, and that the one out front was a caretaker, and he knew he was a half-president. and the other, My Donald, held the keys to fire and power all along. For they consulted and they declared: he will bind them, these false ones, with their own words and cords. “We will use their emergency to cut them off!” For I say to you, Haman’s noose, what is it? ——-an emergency to control the people becomes an emergency reason to slay the wicked. I have done this; I gave My plan to my own and they ran with it. The plan to create a dual government with law, because of their own treasonous act of war and unleashing of sickness. They said “we will make them sick and take over!” I said: “You make them sick and I show My David how to keep and wield military power.” For he is still “king” in this regard. They issue their programs, but My David issues orders to kill and capture and destroy. Do you not see this thing?

Here is a truth: Two Presidents with two offices. One lives under a plan and the other under a light. Therefore, this is a strange time, unlike any other! In days to come, they will write about shadows within shadows and consult about the day the government split and David went south, while Saul stayed and wielded his weakening power to try and slay David before the time of the throne! And now that time has arrived. David is moving and Saul is in panic. So they throw all forces in the field to capture David! But nothing will by any means hurt My Servant. But he will hide and then he will appear. And when he comes, he will say this unto you: “I am the rightful “king” and I have stayed away that you might see and learn how Saul has evil spirits.” Now they gather his henchmen, and the trials and sword shall fall, for Justice is not a slow thing now, but a quick “bite,” and a quick end to it!

Listen, suddenly in one day, all will be reversed and be known and the nation will, as one, hold mouth open, and some will scream.

Chaos in the cities, chaos! But do not fear! This too has been readied. My Servant knows this time what to do and he will move swiftly! Their own plans, their own agencies, their own fences and camps used against them! Glorious Justice, perfect in Truth! They will mourn in places ad jails meant for you My people! For David comes now, yes, he comes for recompense and retribution and a turning around. “The shoe is on the other foot now,” for I will round up insurrectionists and rebels against My nation and TREASON will be a word again, and not a theory, that men fear. So take heart and hold fast and be strong in courage. Your time of waiting draws to a close.

Backlash will come, yes. But you will know the truth and it will set you free from doubt and anxiety. Listen children, the 20-20 election that you cried over and fought each other over– it is of no accord now. So you will see the end-around and the “by-law” They made it for others, but I turned it back on them! Their emergency has become your salvation! Who is this that does this?! Who turns disaster into victory, a prison camp into a war tent? It is I the Lord! I took My man and I showed Him my plan: to hide a government in plain sight, within the kingdom, and gather his Mighty Men, and then he moved on the Philistines and the inner plotters with them. The end is nigh and the story is about to turn again, but do not sleep now! The sheep will roar soon. Watch and see this sign: a great shadow shall be seen now. Watch it unfold over rivers and valley.

JB is a shadow, so he will slip and fade and drift off. His time is at a end. Poor Joe- he was a wartime President without war powers. They were taken before he stepped into office. But yet I tell you a secret: Joe has coughed up truth when he did not expect it. He played his part well and now he will step off stage and retire to his home. The old Joe is gone. In coming days, they will not remember Joe as President, but a dual office and split responsibilities. One was “essential” and one “nonessential” Hah! Do you not see the symmetry?! I gave essential to DJT and non-essential to JB; so he orders the many, but My Servant commands the troops.

What a beautiful glorious hope we have. A Warrior who fights for us when we were ready to surrender. But if my servant had not stepped down and taken on this mantle of “king in waiting” you would be slaves now and prisoners. But he took his calling and went down the ladder to be raised up! They thought they could take him out while he played his part, but now that is done. President DJT is about to make an entrance and he will tell you just what I am saying: “They declared war so I took the spear with me and let Joe have the show. But now that is over, the emergency comes to a close, so I return and I take it back and I will bind Sauls house with an order and I will try lawbreakers and plotters with Swift Justice.” But be on guard, for the enemy will now try chaos to stop it.”