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Earlier Word from God Delivered to Prophesying Surfer on 11/1/23

Prophesying Surfer – WORD OF GOD on 11/1/23


“Brace yourself, My children.  Wicked winds now come, blowing across the plains, tearing up dead trees and knocking down pillars of salt.  I am cleansing my church, I am uprooting fake pastors and those who spread out hands, but have no heart for Truth.  For Truth has been declared an enemy and bound and gagged, a prisoner of smooth talk and easy living. So I will now come with My angels to release truth, and what could have been said gently at one time is now a roar.   

The ministries and preachers of peace and unity, who use it to smother my commands and my power, will now feel my wrath.  What else can I do? I sent people to wake them,  I brought forth prophets to shake them,  I showed them their faith like a grain of sand in the time of sickness! But they would not turn. They continued on with a false gospel of comfort and kind sayings.  They ate pudding when I wanted to give red meat; the power, the glory, the Truth and deliverance.

These so- called pastors served up soft balls, for their own peace and comfort, lest they turn and be healed.  So now my word is this: prepare your heart and home for a winter like no other!  Oh, ye “House of God,” prepare for snow that will cave in roofs and your own homes will be without power, for you do not know Me or My power.  So these great houses who gather in my name on Sunday for a hour of gentle words and friendly pillows, who make no demands, who deliver no one- except they deliver from My Spirit- their roofs and steeples will collapse from snowfall and blizzard winds. In Chicago, and the upper Midwest and Ohio valley region, watch how I close “sanctuaries” for the religious and homes for the “dead.”

Do not say, “This is not the Lord!”   Have you not read my letters to the churches in Revelation?  Will I withhold My hand forever from those who take my name but worship their own ideas and thoughts of who I AM? You are so used to it, you cannot even see how far they have fallen from the Tree! But I see and I judge, with Truth.

So Truth is now a powerful blow, a SLAP of branches and trees that destroy steeples and doors. Truth is a blizzard that roars into Iowa and Michigan and the upper Midwest, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  It cuts off the highway in the center, and shuts down services.

Listen, I tell you I will halt even your Christmas shows because of it. I will not let you comfort yourself  with your once-a-year dress up show and pretend worship! Go home and cry by a fire instead!  Seek my face in the light of the flames, as snow blows around you.  The world is a “white-out,” so you will not go out but stay in on Christmas eve. Chicago cathedral, blow out the candle, I cancel your tradition.

In the deep south, they will wonder at it. Snow this deep?! Not since the days of Dixie, have they seen such a sight in New Orleans. Snow in the bayou!  They will laugh, yes, but know this sign: unprecedented weather means the coming of unprecedented events in your nation.  For now I will end this “winter” for My people with a bang.  I have saved the best for last, My Children, and so I will suddenly and dramatically flip the system on its head. And those who were the head will now be led in chains by those who stood up and made a pact to “Save America.”  For the days are short now, just as in the sky, for false preachers and false politicians.

So you will see great moves begin to happen in your nations’ capitals. In DC, you will hear an uproar and a great shuffling, for parties and people will now shift and slide like never before. Those who said they were “D” will now become “R” and those who were “R” –but not “Right” -will move on and not run.  And it will be like the days of David, when Saul’s men converted, and David’s camp grew.  Those who will not come over will be gone, MIA. I tell you when you see the Senate, the old gray movie, in coming days, I will change its stripes.  The old beasts carry burdens that they cannot hold up, so they will FALL TO THEIR KNEES, buckle and gasp for air.

Mitch M., what are you saying?   He cannot get his breath. Stroke. Bring him down, lay him down.  So you see Mitch, I am Lord of this house, too. And your sin and lies have caught up to you now.   Are they not like a real weight, a heavy toll on your mind and soul?  So he will surely not bear it up.   The final straw is near, when Mitch will bend and bow and turn and they will lead him out a final time.  Get ready, Mitch. I take the mantle from you and give it to a new one.  Can the senate have a leader as in the House? Are we not steadier and smoother, a slower, “deliberative” body!?  Nay. I have deliberated and decided: I will have one with power and flavor.

John Thune, you think you are next.  But you are the butler who puts things in a man’s ear, and no one gives the butler a crown.  No Thune, not for you.   I have another coming who is on My team.  Scott will soon be called. Rick Scott, your time has come!  So I will give you a divided senate again, and the 2 at the top will spar and fight for truth. For now, the Senate is an old folks home; they all agree on the same meal, happy to eat at all. But soon, they will quarrel over pennies and dimes, and times and schedules, rules and notices.   

I declare over the Senate, a NEW DAY! WAKE UP SENATE!  I cast the clouds and scales away. MAGA in the Senate? They will shudder at the thought.  The last foothold, slipping away. And so they will slip and fall this winter.  Watch them fall on the steps. Their legs are gone. I have made their way slick. So you will see Senator Grassley stand, but another slips and falls. A sign they have lost their way.  The true stands, the false crumbles under the weight of lies and pay offs. The old is gone and new has come.

Now look abroad, My Children!  What do you see? Uncontrolled spread? Disaster opening its arms to swallow nations? Let it be known to you that I am never out of control, and as events “spiral out of control,” I will reel it in just in time.  For what looks like death to a nation will be life to the world.  When the US is on the brink of nuclear war, I will make a great move to bring back the rightful heir.  So let nations rise now. Let them rise in indignity and alarm.

Who is this from the North? Erdogan? Turkey?  Turkey will now rise and move closer to Israel. This Thanksgiving appetites will grow, and while Iran waits, Turkey baits, and sees a lane.  So watch and see what Turkey does.

Goodbye NATO!  You are fried like a dead bird.  A Little wing has broken off and now they are at each others throats. Who will go next.  NATO, NATO! I toll the bell for you. You will crack and split, just as I will crack and split you on the inside.   Scandinavian nations, you are out of your league now!  Deluded and high on your own righteousness and bureaucratic institution. Will it stop a bomb? Your global regime and law-based order is a joke now.  They laugh at you. But in one day, you will not laugh EU, but fear, as Putin and his men send notes in backdoors: “We will not play games anymore. Ukraine is ours. Peace or war? What will you have!?”

For the war comes home now to Europe, as sabotage is seen along their borders, but they dare not make a charge, lest war be demanded and declared.  So watch in coming days in Europe, as fires burn in their backyards.  Finland and Norway, will they really go to the mat for you? Nay, nay.  They will not, so turn the cheek now, turn, turn.   They will turn against Ukraine soon and break with Germany and Netherlands and UK.  I will SPLIT the EU and NATO down the middle, for scales fall now from the eyes of the blind, and tripwires are set off to show the truth. Messages sent and received.

Russia gains and grows. Soon Putin will stand over Ukraine and deliver ultimatums that cannot be ignored, for the end has come for Kiev.  Soon, they march again to Kiev and this time they will carve it up.  A peace is coming, but not a peace for the west, but for East. For they will also take it to the brink, but back down as sirens sound.  In the New Year, they gather for the final push. Ground hardens —and hearts too, in the West.  A house divided cannot stand.

Ukraine will fall.

They will paper it over and move on, and bitterness is in their hearts.  Abandoned by  the US. Now news comes of the backdoor  kickbacks and payouts.  Will Zelensky turn? To save himself, yes. Peace at last. A bitter peace for the West.

Disorder brings order.  So watch this sign of what I am doing. On the high seas, a freight container will explode; a ship of cargo will blow up. What looks like destruction is salvation. So, if things fall apart, it is because the ship is rotten inside. Tear up the planks, let it be exposed. The nations are a ship corrupted from inside, and to cleanse it, all their resources and defenses must be destroyed. So when you see this sign, a cargo ship explodes with great force, know and understand: the wicked ship of (deep) state is being destroyed.  My servants have ” the goods”  and now go place to place to destroy hideouts and caches and suddenly, they will take the big prize: the WH.”