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Leftists terrified, angry after free speech advocate Elon Musk buys massive stake in Twitter, joins board of directors

Natural News) If you still doubted that left-wing Democrats and their voters are not at all fans of free speech, which is protected by our Constitution, you need only to see their reactions to the news that Tesla and SpaceX founder/CEO Elon Musk has purchased a major stake in Twitter and has joined the platform’s board of directors.

Musk, who has famously provided — at no cost — hundreds of his Starlink satellite internet systems to Ukraine and has said he would not censor Russian posts and communications, has always been a real advocate for unlimited free speech. He understands that there really is no such thing as “hate speech,” that it’s a construct of the left used to silence social, cultural and political opponents, and as such, his financial investment and forays into Twitter has the little Stalins who run it and thrive on the platform’s censorship terrified they’ll have to ‘allow’ others to disagree with them.

“There’s interest in billionaires, there’s celebration of the Musk. There’s also fear, I think, sometimes or wariness of — okay, so here’s the richest man on the planet who just bought a big chunk of one of our most important communications tools,” little-watched CNN clown Brian Stelter said earlier this week. “He’s also one of the biggest owners of satellites in the world. So he’s incredibly powerful, incredibly, I don’t know, am I allowed to use the word ‘strange’ when talking about Elon Musk?”

But in fact, left-wing billionaires have been controlling communications and censoring conservative speech for decades now, but Stelter, who works for one of those media companies, has not had a problem with it until now.



Other liberals, however, like investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, understand the importance of free speech as well as Musk’s new influence on Twitter, and are calling out the critics.

“Bring back the good and benevolent oligarchs to police the internet and our political debates for us. Google loves us and knows what is best for us, not like this irreverent ruffian,” he wrote on the platform in response to a tweet that was critical of Musk.

Cassie Nick Rumbaugh, a data scientist at Twitter, is among the employees and contractors very upset that @elonmusk is now the largest stakeholder in Twitter. ‘A prominent transphobe buying a large stake in Twitter is not at all funny,’ she says,” Ngo tweeted (and by the way, falsely labeling Musk a ‘transphone’ is a typical left-wing tactic — call someone you don’t like a name rather than debate them idea vs. idea, policy vs. policy).

Of course, there is little wonder that the left is upset. According to Statista, their biggest problem with the platform is “inaccurate or misleading information” — that is, information they don’t agree with — while they are least concerned about over “Twitter banning users” (the Democrat left loves tyranny).

“There’s no need to wonder what the US liberal-left thinks about free speech. Polling data proves: they don’t believe in it. Huge majorities want not only tech oligarchs *but also the state* to censor the internet for them. Can’t argue with the data. It’s right here,” Greenwald pointed out in response to a Columbia Bugle tweet noting how the left is terrified of a Twitter that doesn’t censor conservatives.

It’s too early to say what changes to Twitter, if any, Musk will be able to make. But we can already tell the left fears those changes because, in reality, they are the tyrants and Nazis, not the right.

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