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Vincent Everett Ellison Exposes the Lies Sold to Black America: MLK, Hip Hop Culture, & Democrats


Vince Everett Ellison is an author and documentarian. He hosts the “Vince Everette Ellison Show” on X, Rumble and YouTube. He also produced the documentary “Will You Go To Hell For Me?” and wrote the #1 best seller “The Iron Triangle.”

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00:00 Lookout for Your Brother
2:46 MLK Jr. and Communism
26:33 Barack Obama
28:08 Government Programs Hurting Instead of Helping
36:42 The Keys to Being Successful
39:03 Hip Hop Culture
46:01 Fatherless Homes
57:15 Ellison’s Family Gospel Music Band
1:13:24 Souls to the Polls
1:15:05 The Lies Told About Police Shootings
1:21:40 The Differences Between Men and Women
1:25:01 China and Russia Watching the US
1:35:25 The Spiritual Warfare in America
1:40:17 Why Does the Left Glorify George Floyd?
1:47:49 The End of Tolerance
1:55:48 Al Sharpton
1:59:39 Democrats Controlling Preachers and Corrupting the Church
2:07:17 The Lies of the Civil Rights Movement
2:18:40 Donald Trump: The True First Black President
2:26:04 Society Has Stopped Valuing Life
2:34:32 Slavery or Freedom Is a Choice
2:44:22 Is The Black Vote Leaving the Democrats?