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Are You Feeding Your Soul or the Enemy? – Dr. Joseph Mercola


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  • The modern world actively works against the ability to nurture your intuition and feed your soul, instead, as investigative journalist Corey Lynn puts it, feeding the enemy
  • This “enemy” thrives on the chaos, division and negativity perpetuated through social media platforms and elsewhere
  • It symbolizes the harmful outcomes of collective engagement in fear, misinformation and distraction, leading you away from personal growth and inner peace
  • It’s possible to break free from the mind control and corruption by making small, purposeful changes, such as daily meditation
  • There are concrete steps you can take to overcome fear, find joy in your life and feed your soul, many of which are detailed in my upcoming book, “The Power of Choice”

Reflecting on your thoughts and feelings helps you understand your own behaviors, desires and conflicts more deeply. This self-awareness can improve personal relationships and increase emotional intelligence, ultimately contributing to a more balanced and satisfying life, with ripple effects across society.

Yet, the modern world actively works against the ability to nurture your intuition and feed your soul, instead, as investigative journalist Corey Lynn puts it, feeding the enemy.1 The enemy in this case isn’t a person or group, but rather destructive forces or influences that you may unknowingly support or contribute to, in the context of social media and elsewhere.

This “enemy” thrives on the chaos, division and negativity perpetuated through social media platforms. It symbolizes the harmful outcomes of collective engagement in fear, misinformation and distraction, leading you away from personal growth and inner peace.

By participating in these destructive cycles, you inadvertently “feed the enemy” instead of nurturing your own soul. Fortunately, there are concrete steps you can take to overcome fear and find joy in your life, many of which are detailed in my upcoming book, “The Power of Choice.”

Is Your Mind Being Programmed?

“Mind conditioning and programming have always been the game,” according to Lynn.2 Even common symbols and campaigns in your daily life may manipulate public perception and thought patterns, serving the interests of manipulative entities. Lynn uses the example of the letter X used as a form of symbolic conditioning by, for instance, Twitter. Lynn writes:3

“Remember when the red X went viral on Twitter [in 2018]? Everyone was saying, ‘put a red X next to your screen name if you have been shadow banned and censored to show everyone we are united against this.’ I saw thousands of people quickly add a red X next to their name, and I warned that it was a ploy.

At the time I wasn’t sure what it was all about, as it could have been an attempt to build a list of people against the narrative, and it likely had a multifaceted approach.

I just knew that following along would not be wise. I now believe that one of the goals was to get everyone to place the X for purposes of conditioning their minds to believe ‘X’ is a good, powerful, united symbol. Five years later, Twitter became X.

This may seem silly and insignificant, but when multiple campaigns are running simultaneously to program individuals, every little seed planted adds branches in the brain and forms beliefs. Then, when evidence is brought forth showing the trap, the brain refuses to accept it, and instead is stuck in the ‘united’ belief system, and hero worship ensues.”

Lynn suggests the repeated use of the letter X in different contexts is a form of mind conditioning. By associating the X with concepts of unity, power and future change, the public may be subtly programmed to align their beliefs and behaviors with these symbols without critically evaluating the implications.

Becoming Consumed With Identity Is a Method of Distraction

By participating in these campaigns, you spread the desired narrative or belief system that’s laid out by those orchestrating the campaigns, contributing to a larger agenda. It also keeps your attention focused on the high-profile campaign instead of its underlying manipulative tactics. Ultimately, it’s a method of distraction, keeping your mind occupied with superficial or misleading activities instead of nurturing your own critical thinking and spiritual growth.

One example Lynn gives is becoming consumed with various aspects of identity — such as sexual preference, appearance and personality types. This can lead to divisions and distractions that prevent you from engaging more deeply with your inner self. A focus on identity is an external one, in which you become preoccupied with defining yourself and others based on surface-level characteristics and labels.

This external focus diverts attention from more introspective, spiritual pursuits that could foster genuine self-understanding and connection to a higher purpose or spiritual entity. By pushing identity to the forefront, the enemy may be intentionally creating situations that lead to discord and prevent people from instead uniting or focusing on common goals. Lynn explains:4

“I once believed that the corrupt want to obliterate everyone’s identity, make everyone genderless and force them to use digital IDs, but I’m beginning to realize that ‘identity’ is exactly what they want everyone focused on.

When you get people hyper focused on their own identity and the identity of others, be it sexual preference, appearance, fashion style, personality types, and all of the other fun labels that go with it, people are ultimately trying to define themselves by external nonsense that gives them an ‘identity,’ rather than focusing on their inner spirit, their soul, and direct line to God. It’s one of the biggest and longest standing distractions.”

Living in Fear Creates Confusion and Paranoia

Fear further feeds the enemy by destabilizing individuals and creating a population that’s easier to manage and less likely to resist manipulation or challenge the status quo. “Bad actors have been stoking fear and paranoia for eons because it serves their agendas well. When you keep people in a constant high beta state it creates incoherence and confusion. Eventually, this builds into paranoia,” according to Lynn.5

When people suspect that threats are everywhere, they can become isolated and less willing to connect with others, weakening social bonds and leaving you more vulnerable to manipulation. Fear also disrupts your own intuition, which is a powerful tool for understanding and decision-making.

When intuition is sidelined, you may bypass thoughtful analysis for quick, fear-based reactions. This can lead to poor decisions and outcomes. “They want everyone in a constant state of survival so they become paralyzed,” Lynn says, continuing:6

“The saying ‘trust no one and question everything’ has become the foundation for cognitive dissonance. Trusting no one creates isolation, while questioning everything keeps one in a constant state of analysis as opposed to trusting in their own intuition. Intuition is the most powerful tool for humans, yet people are finding it difficult to even trust in themselves.

Soon, this paranoia emerges into a single belief that everyone is bad and no one is to be trusted. Everything seems plausible and grasping at every bit of information that comes out is quickly twisted to fit this belief. Intuition goes out the window, research is skipped over, and analysis comes from a place of paranoia and confusion.

… This is why expanding one’s intuition is so vital during these times. The mind can only process so much and clues are often hidden, but intuition can quite literally save one’s life. Faith, prayer, and knowing go hand-in-hand with intuition. Fear and ego cloud discernment.”

Sowing Division Gives the Enemy More Power

Once the stage has been set for programming, distractions and fear, it becomes easy to plant the seeds of division. Influencers, often without realizing it, play a significant role in spreading these divisive narratives.

Because influencers have large followings, their endorsement or mere discussion of a divisive topic can lend it credibility and increase its spread. Lynn suggests that these individuals may inadvertently become tools in the hands of those intent on sowing division.

Meanwhile, as you focus on who is right or wrong, who is an ally or an enemy, attention is diverted from more productive pursuits. Instead of using your resources and abilities to effect positive change or enhance your community, you may waste energy by getting caught up in the drama and conflict. This further distracts you from personal growth and community involvement. Lynn adds:7

“The corrupt players sit back and relish in the chaos, division, and confusion all being created among individuals and influencers pointing fingers at one another, while achieving their end goal. The reality is, the majority of influencers and individuals on social media are not part of a psyop (not including bots of course), but rather have differing opinions, lack of knowledge, were misguided, or simply didn’t have all of the information.

… Suddenly, everyone is sketchy, everyone is involved in an ‘operation,’ and accusations are flying. People become consumed with ‘who’s who’ rather than ‘who am I.’

For over eight years I have observed this targeted energy suck, and it has gotten us no closer to combatting agendas against humanity, it has only served as entertainment for those who prefer to get caught up in drama and let their anger out on social media because they haven’t found a more constructive outlet.

… Everyone feeds into this drama and it stokes more division, but more importantly — it causes everyone to focus on external distractions rather than internal momentum and using their gifts and skills to actually make an impact for themselves, their families and their communities. And THAT is the prime goal of the corrupt.”

The Choice to Feed Your Soul — Not the Enemy — Is Yours

It’s possible to break free from the mind control and corruption by making small, purposeful changes. In the video at the top of this article, BBC journalist Melissa Hogenboom explains how six weeks of meditation led to changes in her brain, as evidenced by a brain scan.8

By calming your mind and focusing your attention, meditation reduces the “noise” of incessant thoughts. This quieter mental state can make it easier to hear and trust your intuitive feelings, which are often subtle and may be easily overshadowed by “louder” thoughts.

Meditation also nurtures your mind’s intrinsic capabilities, making it more receptive and tuned to intuitive processes. It provides a supportive environment for intuition to flourish by fostering a calm, clear and connected state of being, while helping to focus your mind on more productive pursuits.

“I hope people are beginning to realize,” Lynn says, “if it’s out of your control, it is a distraction and a time and energy suck. If it’s within your control — how can you exert your time and energy unless you yourself are in a balanced state without reacting emotionally? That is the state where creation takes hold and it projects a powerful force that inspires and motivates.”9

My upcoming book, “The Power of Choice,” further explores the interconnectedness between health and spirituality. Many express a desire to improve their health and well-being but struggle to take action even when presented with clear strategies. What typically impedes their progress is a disconnection from Spirit, their authentic Self, which is where true Joy resides.

To learn how to support your own connection to your consciousness, including methods for cultivating self-trust, keep an eye out for “The Power of Choice.” I’ll be publishing summaries of the first 10 chapters soon. At the end of each chapter, I provide exercises to facilitate connecting with your internal guidance system. As Lynn notes, the choice of whether to feed the enemy or feed your soul is yours alone:10

“The constant churning of events and campaigns to distract and divide will continue to amp up. The wild thing is, it’s much like a swimming pool.

You can choose to jump in the deep end and tread water all day long utilizing every last ounce of energy, only to drown in despair. Or you can choose to step into the shallow end, maintain solid footing, and conserve your energy for areas in life where you can take action while living your life without fear and constant stress.

You can take a family adventure into the wild and camp for a week as the world around you continues to move as it may. You can choose to find joy in all the little things, focus on family and community, and live in a state of faith. You can choose to plant a garden, run for local office, or learn a new skill.

You can choose to spend your time building your intuition, going within, bringing yourself a sense of peace and stability while opening the doors for opportunity. You can choose to create and manifest the reality you want. You can choose love and watch the ripple effect take hold across the universe.”