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Donald Trump delivers a campaign rally speech in the Bronx, highlighting the decline of New York City and promising to make it great again. He discusses his past accomplishments, such as renovating the Wallman Rink and building the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Trump criticizes Joe Biden’s leadership and policies, particularly regarding the economy, immigration, and foreign relations. He emphasizes the need for strong leadership, lower taxes, affordable energy, and success through hard work and passion.

00:00 Introduction and Campaign Rally
06:25 Making New York City Great Again
14:51 Accomplishments and Promises
27:04 Lower Taxes and Affordable Energy
37:31 Success through Hard Work and Passion
43:18 Criticism of Biden’s Policies
48:10 Finding Success in Business and Career
50:30 The Importance of Pricing and Psychology
55:13 Resilience and Determination: Keys to Success
58:52 The Power of Momentum
01:17:25 Protecting Seniors and Securing Elections
01:23:07 Mobilizing Voters and Making America Great Again