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Practice – A Message From Jesus

A Message From Jesus
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When you become confused and agitated in the face of life’s problems, leave all your cares with me and everything will go better for you. When you abandon yourself to me completely all confusion and agitation will be resolved peacefully according to my designs. There is never a need for despair. Close your eyes and say to me, Jesus, I Trust You.

Avoid worries, anxiety and the thoughts of what may happen later. Give me the gift of your worries and I will give you the gift of peace and joy in exchange. Rest in me and leave you future in my hands. Tell me often, Jesus, I Trust You.

What hurts you the most is your reasoning, your ideas, wanting to resolve things your way and to control all aspects of your life. When you find yourself doing these things say, Jesus, I Trust You.

Don’t be like the patient who asks the doctor for a cure and then tells him how to do it. Instead, do not be afraid and let me carry you in my arms for I have the cure. Tell me, Jesus, I Trust You.

My hands must be free to do my work; do not bind them with your worries, anxieties and fears. Ego wants only to agitate you, make you anxious or angry and take away your peace. Trust only me who gives you peace and always tell me, Jesus, I Trust You.

If, after giving your fears to me and things seem to have gotten worse, continue to trust me. Remember, my help is always there for you, even when you choose not to listen. Continue telling me all the time, Jesus, I Trust You.