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White Hats Find Evidence of DEWs in Texas Pandhandle


White Hats investigating the cause of the Texas fires now have material evidence proving that Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) started the raging infernos, which are only 30% contained as of this writing.

Three days after the blaze began in late February, White Hats sent several fact-finding teams to the Texas Panhandle to search for indicators of Deep State treachery. U.S. Army Twelve-Mikes, the branch’s military designation for firefighters, and friendly civilian arson investigators, comprised the 300-man task force, whose responsibilities included interviewing locals and searching for telltale signs of a laser-induced fire.

On March 1, Task Force Alpha, one of eight teams, spoke with a cattle rancher whose now-scorched property sits east of Borger, Texas, within what’s been called the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest of four active blazes. He had asked White Hats—and they asked Real Raw News—to shield his identity for fear of government reprisal, so we’ll call him “Mr. Roberts” for ease of readability. As the story goes, Mr. Roberts recounted to the Task Force that he had just finished tending his herd and was sitting in the living room when he heard what sounded like a rush of violent wind—”almost tornado-like,” he said—and saw, through a large window, a streak of blinding, prismatic light strike dead center in a pasture where his herd had been grazing.

Mr. Roberts said the column of light set the field aflame and “vaporized” 50 cows.

According to a White Hat incident report reviewed by RRN, Mr. Roberts relayed the story to a local newspaper, the Borger News-Herald, but the answering party called him a “crackpot” and disconnected the call. He met similar resistance from a second online paper. He had also phoned FOX 34, a FOX News affiliate in Lubbock; a call screener said, “That’s not something we can discuss, and it’s something you might want to forget about.”

The White Hat task force, our source said, learned of Mr. Roberts’ incredible tale from a Borger resident with ties to the White Hat community.

“Mr. Robets was cagey about talking to the task force because he thought they were feds sent to silence him,” our source said. “Whoever he talked to at FOX 34 put the fear of God in him not to mention light beams or DEWs. Took the better part of a day to earn his trust.”

Besides examining the ashy remnants of Mr. Roberts’ home—and the scorched earth surrounding it—the task force collected soil and rock samples, which were sent to geologists at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for triaxial tests. Their investigation concluded that sandstone found on Mr. Roberts’ property had been instantaneously superheated into quartzite, a metamorphosis that occurs in nature over thousands of years; sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression within orogenic belts.

Only a non-natural, synthetic weapon could have vastly shortened what takes nature millennia to accomplish, they surmised.

Other evidence included the skeletal ashes of vaporized cattle.

“Cremation needs temps exceeding 1,800 Fahrenheit. The hottest we’ve seen in Texas is 1,500. Now, I imagine over time, several hours maybe, that’s hot enough to burn bone, but Mr. Roberts’ cattle got turned to dust in a second. They got dustified,” our source said.

Asked if White Hats could explain the tornadic-sounding air that coincided with the burst of light, he said, “We have no material on that. However, experts speculate that a DEW could’ve superheated the atmosphere and caused a microburst that sent out a pressure wave. We’re still hunting for more evidence; all signs point to DEWs, possibly multiple points of impact.”

By Michael Baxter -March 6, 2024