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Jim Ferguson @JimFergusonUK Exclusive-Bombshell Warning: British meat, milk and water all affected.


Exclusive-Bombshell Warning: British meat, milk and water all affected. Nano metals being used in the atmosphere as well as the jabs. Reports are emerging of vaccinated individuals’ blood developing self-assembling structures, acting mysteriously as antennas. This phenomenon is being linked to the terrifying surge in so-called Turbo Cancers. Is Transhumanism their real end goal? We knew there was something drastically wrong with the mRNA gene therapies. The “Internet of Things” often touted by the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s disciple Yuval Noah Harari often speaks of Transhumanism. Was this their real intention all along! Independent businessman Anders Brunstad steps forward with chilling insights, drawing a line connecting the spike in global excess deaths, particularly in countries with high vaccination rates, directly to vaccine injuries and the deployment of 4G and 5G technologies. He sheds light on the ominous role of Super conductor Quantum Dot technology, including Graphene Oxide and Hydrogel, which purportedly serves as an internal antenna. The interaction with radiation, according to Brunstad, is causing measurable, detrimental effects within the body, leading to the destruction of red and other cells. The mention of Lipid Nano Particles (LNP) and Plasmid DNA as toxins sparks grave concerns, pointing to inflammation and other severe consequences. Moreover, the synthetic concoction known as Darpa Hydrogel—a mix that includes polyethylene glycol—is identified as a military-grade biological weapon. Brunstad’s alarming statement makes it clear: “This is a military bio-weapon technology,” highlighting a sinister pattern of excess mortality linked to the acceleration of telecommunications technology. He doesn’t stop there, delving into the toxic substances found in vaccinations, which, far from being theoretical, present real dangers. According to him, these substances, in tandem with graphene quantum dots, act as “mini nukes of radiation,” posing a potential risk of intensified radiation among groups of vaccinated individuals through a process ominously referred to as “shedding.”