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They must be graduates from the Robbie Parker school of acting. Note their names and outfits, too. Very be-LIE-vable. ✅ Get more details, links and analysis on my free SUBSTACK newsletter here: For those who would like to support my work: ✅ Donate online by clicking here (choose one-time or monthly): ✅ Send checks, cards, letters here: Peggy Hall 205 Avenida del Mar, PO Box 681 San Clemente, CA 92674 I LOVE my HEALTHY AMERICAN audience. Thank you for being here. ✅Email us: [email protected] Here’s where to find me: ✅ SUBSTACK newsletter here: ✅ Second Channel is LIVING SWELL with Peggy Hall MONDAYS 11am pacific: @livingswellwithpeggyhall ✅ PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PLATFORM: ✅ RUMBLE:… Resources: ✅ HOW TO WIN IN COURT: ✅ RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS: ✅ EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY: ✅ CONTACT: [email protected] ✅ ABOUT PEGGY HALL Discerning truth from deception. This channel is for educational and entertainment purposes, often contains satire and should not be construed as legal, medical or financial advice. ✅ Your cards, checks and gifts can be sent via SNAIL MAIL: Peggy Hall 205 Avenida del Mar PO Box 681 San Clemente, CA 92674 I LOVE Getting your cards, letters, and goodies, and I often share them on my shows!