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CDC Killed Alert Warning of Connection Between Heart Inflammation and mRNA Vaccines Facts Matter EpochTV


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In America is something called the Health Alert Network. It’s a national program run by the CDC in order to provide health alerts to the American public, when necessary.
And so, every once in a while, I’m sure that you’ve seen the headlines warning us about certain drug recalls, salmonella outbreaks, dangerous chemicals being found in consumer products, disease outbreaks in certain areas—all of these alerts from the CDC get disseminated to the broader populace via the Health Alert Network.
Once an alert goes out, over 1 million federal, state, and local politicians, doctors, laboratories, universities, news media—basically everyone in the country gets alerted.
However, even though the Health Alert Network is routinely used to inform the public when adverse reactions to a drug are discovered, during the years of the pandemic, there was something that (notably) never happened.
Even though serious heart inflammation was discovered to be a side-effect of the mRNA-based vaccines — this fact was never relayed through the alert system. And it was always a bit of a mystery as to why.
A mystery that, as of yesterday, has only deepened: because we here at The Epoch Times were able to successfully get our hands on internal CDC documents which showed that all the way back in May of 2021, the CDC had actually drafted a full alert regarding myocarditis, but for some reason, they never sent it out.
Let’s go through it together.
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