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Trump’s Legal Opponent Arrested on Federal Charges | Facts Matter – The Epoch Times


In a wild turn of events, John Anthony Castro, the man who has been chasing former President Donald Trump around the whole country—suing him from state to state in order to get him kicked off the ballot—has just himself been arrested for several alleged felonies.
Last week, Mr. Castro was arrested on federal tax charges, and according to federal prosecutors, he was charged with 33 counts of helping others prepare false tax returns. The allegation here is that Mr. Castro was running a virtual tax business that was giving his customers tax returns far beyond what they were owed.
In response, Mr. Castro pled not guilty to the charges and said in a statement that he gave to Newsweek that they were retaliation by the government because he dared to challenge President Trump. And so essentially, Mr. Castro’s argument here is that the Justice Department under the Biden Administration is politically retaliating against him because he dared to challenge Donald Trump.