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THEY KNEW: Jesus Christ’s TRUE Teachings Found in Lost Texts! It’s NOT What You THINK | Billy Carson


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Billy Carson is not just a name but a beacon in the vast cosmos of space exploration, ancient histories, and the study of consciousness. An acclaimed author, avid researcher, and riveting speaker, Carson seamlessly weaves together the threads of science, spirituality, and bygone histories to reveal stories that humanity often forgets. Gaining widespread recognition for his deep dives into ancient civilizations, Billy has made significant strides in unveiling the secrets of their advanced technologies and profound wisdom. His collection of well-researched books stands as a testament to his commitment to enticing readers into worlds of mysteries and revelations. When Billy takes to the stage, the world listens. From ancient artifacts and massive megalithic structures to the uncharted territories of the cosmos, Carson presents the audience with a fresh perspective, challenging the accepted norms and stirring an insatiable curiosity. But there’s more to him than meets the eye. Beyond these scholarly endeavors, Carson’s heart beats for mindfulness and the elevation of the human spirit. Leveraging various platforms and initiatives, he passionately drives individuals to journey inward, unraveling their hidden strengths and limitless potential. Immerse yourself in the world of Billy Carson, where the marvels of yesteryears meet the promise of tomorrow. With his unmatched blend of academic prowess and soulful wisdom, he truly is a torchbearer for the curious, the seekers, and all those who dare to think beyond.

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🌌 Please enjoy my conversation with Billy Carson.

: 0:00 – Episode Teaser

4:14 – Catholic religion on Jesus teachings

8:50 – The Vatican Archives

13:42 – The Council of Nicaea and the Colosseum.

21:02 – The depiction of Jesus by the Vatican

30:56 – The Indian Temples

41:33 – How are the temples in India connected to other temples?

43:27 – The Egyptian Obelisk

51:04 – What is the labyrinth in Egypt?

55:32 – What are the materials used to build the complex in Egypt?

59:37 – The healing properties of the temples of Egypt

1:03:17 – Is Shakespeare connected to the Pyramids of Giza?

1:04:50 – Is DaVinci connected with ancient Egypt?

1:06:58 – Billy’s work

1:07:44 – Final Message

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