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United States, Supreme Court to consider J6, many say a Gov’mt Setup.


Supreme Court to consider hearing Jan. 6 cases that could affect Trump prosecution.
Three men charged in connection with the 2021 attack on the Capitol are seeking to dismiss a charge former President Donald Trump also faces.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court will soon consider whether to hear appeals brought by people charged with offenses relating to the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the U.S. Capitol in cases that could have a major impact on the criminal prosecution of former President
Donald Trump.

The justices are weighing three different appeals brought by defendants Joseph Fischer, Edward Lang and Garret Miller.

The court was scheduled to discuss the cases in their regular private meeting on Friday. But the meeting was canceled following the death of retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

The justices will now consider the cases at a later date, possibly as soon as next Friday.

The three men are seeking to dismiss a charge accusing them of obstructing an official proceeding, namely the certification by Congress of President Joe Biden’s election victory, which was disrupted by a mob of Trump supporters.

Trump has been charged with the same offense, as well as others, in his federal election interference case. As a result, whether the court takes up the appeals or rejects them could affect his case.

If the court rejects the appeals, a lower court ruling that allowed the government to pursue the charges against the defendants would remain in place.


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for the first time in almost three full

years the US Supreme Court has finally

agreed to take on a Case related to

January 6 prisoners in this case it can

have huge ramifications not only for the

plaintiffs in the lawsuit but also for

almost everyone else who has been

charged with obstruction of Congress

which includes president Donald Trump