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Is the BLOOD SUPPLY SAFE? Peggy Hall – The Healthy American


Many have been asking me about the safety of the blood supply due to the cocktails. After I aired this video I learned of these websites: & This video aired previously but it is so important I wanted to share it with you again, so please enjoy! ~ Peggy ✅ SUBSTACK: Subscribe for FREE ISRAEL Playlist:    • ISRAEL   For those who would like to support my work: ✅ Donate online by clicking here (choose one-time or monthly): ✅ Zelle using my name & email below: Peggy Hall [email protected] Website: ✅ Send checks, cards, letters here: Peggy Hall 205 Avenida del Mar, PO Box 681 San Clemente, CA 92674 I LOVE my HEALTHY AMERICAN audience. Thank you for being here. ✅Email us: [email protected] ✅ Second Channel is LIVING SWELL with Peggy Hall MONDAYS 11am pacific: @livingswellwithpeggyhall ✅ PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PLATFORM: ✅ HOW TO WIN IN COURT: ✅ RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS: ✅ EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY: ✅ CONTACT: [email protected] ✅ ABOUT PEGGY HALL At the helm of truth and freedom. Exposing evil and fighting tyranny. Discerning truth from deception. This channel is for educational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice. ✅ Your cards, checks and gifts can be sent via SNAIL MAIL: Peggy Hall 205 Avenida del Mar PO Box 681 San Clemente, CA 92674 I LOVE Getting your cards, letters, and goodies, and I often share them on my shows!