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Leaked Video Reveals Rockefeller ‘Predicted’ Covid Jab Depopulation Agenda in 1994


According to the mainstream media, the depopulation agenda is fake news, nothing more than a conspiracy cooked up by paranoid conspiracy theorists who need to accept that the globalist elite including Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates have our best interests at heart.

The bad news for the mainstream media is that we have more than enough evidence to prove the global elite are not committed to improving our lives, but are actually intending to murder the vast majority of us to improve their own standard of living.

If that sounds far-fetched, you probably haven’t been paying close attention to events in recent times. Events like the Covid pandemic and mRNA rollout have been in the works for decades. And the bad news is the global elite are just getting started with their plans.

How do we know? They laid out the blueprint in speeches like this rare Rockefeller speech from 1994, in which the globalist patriarch outlined detailed plans for massive population reduction, also known as mass murder, in the Western world.

This is disturbing but essential viewing for anybody who wants to understand the global elite’s plan for eugenics by stealth and their next steps in the multi-decade plan.

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