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Unexpected Deaths in the US Are Rising at Alarming Rates – Sudden Deaths


Excess deaths — the number that actually occur in any given year compared to the number expected for that year — have risen dramatically in the U.S., to the tune of an 89.4% increase just between 2019 and 2021.

While COVID played a small part during that time period, unfortunately, unexpected deaths and the subsequent falling life expectancy are long-term trends that have been ongoing in this country for decades. But why? A PLOS ONE study looks at the causes, how the U.S. compares to other countries and why it matters.

From chronic diseases to drug overdoses and more, the problems highlight the urgency to address fundamental societal solutions that other countries have in place but, apparently, the U.S. does not.



Science Alert June 14, 2023

PLOS ONE March 29, 2023