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Brighteon Broadcast News, June 22, 2023 – US govt. FUNDING invasion camps in Central America (feat. Michael Yon)


0:00 Intro

1:19 Missing Submarine

12:36 Woke Physiology

18:40 Suicide Mission

26:15 Hospital Denial

28:26 Greta Thunberg

45:12 Google Earth

47:31 Interview with Michael Yon

– Ocean Gate submarine company went “woke” and fired the white guys who could do math

– Now the vessel is probably stranded at 13,000 feet below the ocean surface

– It’s the perfect metaphor for the sinking civilization of the West, where WOKE is more important than MERIT

– US hospitals to start RESTRICTING medical procedures due to climate change

– Total government control via CBDCs will disallow you from buying food, fuel, transportation and more

– Greta Thunberg predicted we would all be DEAD by now

– Climate cultists and Leftists are obsessed with IMAGINARY threats while ignoring REAL threats

– Full interview with Michael Yon, revealing how US government is FUNDING the “invasion camps” in Central America

– Google Earth erases all images of the invasion camps in Panama as cover-up continues

– Google is complicit in the invasion and occupation of America by illegal aliens who are mostly military-aged men

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