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Bud Light Loses ANOTHER BILLION! Joe Rogan DRINKS Budweiser & EXPOSES the SCAM With Dylan Mulvaney! 6 Billion Dollars LOST.


Bud Light’s parent company has gone a perfect 6 for 6 when it comes to losing a Billion Dollars in a day. Their Market Capitalization, at the end of the day, was down $6 Billion since the boycott caught on. The amount of money Anheuser Busch has lost is equal to that of what the Washington Commanders sold for in a record breaking deal. lol.

While the likes of Travis Tritt, John Rich and Kid Rock have come out to express their opinions on the matter, now the supporters of the move are making their voices heard. Zach Bryan and Sheryl Crow want Trans people to be protected, or their careers, I guess. But Joe Rogan swoops in to drop a terrible take that morons used to allow this ideology to permeate throughout all of society: Why does it matter, bro. Moron.

But hey, check this out, no one higher than the disgraced VP of Marketing at Bud Light gave the sign off on this disastrous campaign. Perhaps they are the ones to get the lackeys on board to stop the hemorrhaging.

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Bud Light Commercial: https://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1646292169366589442

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