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Poll: Americans Believe COVID Jab Killed as Many as the Disease Itself – Dr. Joseph Mercola


With a +/-3% margin of error, a new Rasmussen poll shows that almost as many Americans say they know someone who died from COVID shot side effects as, died from the disease itself.

Rasmussen conducted the poll March 27-29, 2023. The numbers skewed along party lines, race, gender and income: 13% of Democrats said a member of their household died from COVID jab side effects; 15% of Republicans and 5% of independents believe the jab killed their family member.

Rasmussen added: “Remarkably, among those who say a member of their household died from COVID-19, 54% also say a member of their household has died whose death they think may have been caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.”



Rasmussen Reports March 31 2023


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