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Epstein Tied Clinton Associate ‘ARKANCIDED’! DEADLY DIOXIN In East Palestine! EVACUATE NOW! . Another Clinton associate death has been inexplicably declared a suicide!
Deanna Lorraine is here to talk about the mysterious death of Mark Middleton who had ties to Jeffrey Epstein and former President Bill Clinton.
Arkansas police have declared the death a suicide.
Public officials in Ohio continue to lie to the residents of East Palestine about the safety of the water.
Kristen Johnson joins Stew to detail the sickness she developed after driving through East Palestine.
The creek water in East Palestine is laced with chemicals and is killing beavers and raccoons.
Dioxins are deadly and everyone in East Palestine needs to evacuate immediately!
Eric Coppolino is here to expose the truth behind the dangerous toxins contaminating East Palestine!
The chemicals from the train are so poisonous, residents need hazmat suits in order to safely reside in their homes!
A Florida GOP county committee has passed a resolution calling the vaccines a bioweapon.
Joseph Sansone is here to talk about the grassroots effort to get Ron Desantis to ban the Covid death jab.
Resolutions calling for seizing the clot shots will help put pressure on elected officials to stop buying and promoting Big Pharma’s lies.