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OAN Ukraine is a Manufactured War by Puppet Master Soros


OAN: Ukraine is a ‘Manufactured War by Puppet Master, Soros’

Extremely based report from OAN’s Pearson Sharp on the Ukraine War.

✔️ Manufactured War
✔️ George Soros
✔️ Burisma
✔️ Biolabs
✔️ Puppet Zelensky
✔️ Ukraine Child trafficking
✔️ Border for Ukraine not US
✔️ Tax payer money laundering

“This is a smoke and mirrors campaign coordinated with the corporate media to cover up the greatest scam in the history of our nation, maybe the history of the world.
But don’t ask any questions.
Just wave your flag for Ukraine. And remember, as the Democrats cripple our economy and send all our money and weapons to Ukraine to kick off World War three, Putin is the bad guy.” 🔥

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