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90% of U.S. Would Die From Chinese EMP Attack From Space Balloon – Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov


Episode Resources: 🔵 AMAC: https://ept.ms/3bzYr8f 🔵 10% off Elderberry Extract, Promo Code: AMERICAN10 https://ept.ms/3l7gTMy 🔵 2004 EMP Report: https://ept.ms/3wUwVMh 🔵 EMP Committee Hearing https://ept.ms/3wV3Znm 🔵 Pentagon Statement: https://ept.ms/3YmXu8F https://ept.ms/3HXP1Ub —————— ⭕️ Follow us on GAN JING WORLD: https://www.ganjingworld.com/channel/… ⭕️ Subscribe for updates: https://ept.ms/2Tu9clR ⭕️ Support us: https://donorbox.org/facts_matter ⭕️ Merchandise: https://www.epochtv.shop ⭕️ Listen to Podcasts: – 🔵 iTunes Podcast: https://ept.ms/FactsMatterApplePodcast 🔵 Spotify Podcast: https://ept.ms/FactsMatterSpotifyPodcast 🔵 Google Podcast: https://ept.ms/FactsMatterGooglePodcast

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