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Gates Cashes in COVID Jab Shares, Then Trashes Effectiveness – Dr. Joseph Mercola


In typical Bill Gates fashion, the multibillionaire is busy counting his profits from selling his BioNTech stock — to the tune of 10 times what he paid for it — while at the same time coolly sitting back and trashing the effectiveness of the shots.

In an eloquent summary of Gates’ sudden change of opinion, The Hill TV’s “Rising,” co-host Robby Soave said, “[He] was a major proponent of mRNA technology … [then invested] heavily in BioNTech,” and then after promoting the mNRA technology and even admitting they may have to “cut some corners” on safety to get it rolled out quicker, he sold it, making “a huge amount of money.”

Now what’s his stance as he prances his way to the bank? He admits they don’t work and that it’s time to move on to what in his mind is the next, best thing: a nasal spray form of the failed gene therapy.

SOURCE:Children’s Health Defense January 27, 2023