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Defeating the Bulldozer With Love: We Will Win – Dr. Joseph Mercola


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  • In New Zealand, the authorities are asking “good citizens” to rat on their friends and neighbors
  • In the Netherlands, the government intends to close down up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU nature preservation rules
  • The World Economic Forum says that happiness is no longer a goal
  • This never-ending torturous circus has to stop, and we are the heroes we’ve been waiting for
  • During these cruel times, love remains the most important fuel for our souls, and it has the power to bring clarity to us and to erase any fear

This story is about resilience and joy that we need to hold on to as the bulldozer of tyranny is trying to bulldoze over our freedom and dignity, and then make our flattened selves thank the tyrants.

In this dystopian theater of absurd, where the bulldozer is going round and round, showing no promise of relief, we need a lot of resilience and a tight connection to our inalienable joy in order to deal with the bulldozer and keep our hearts protected.

That dystopian theater of absurd, a million of cruel bulldozers, going round and round, working in unison, from horizon to horizon — flattening everyone’s memory of dignity, personal autonomy, and free expression — is what the world is like today for so many. It is very abnormal. And yet, here we are, standing tall, our hearts are beating, giving us strength to resist the tyrants.

The abuse though … the abuse is so insane that it feels almost like a cartoon made by a sadistic cartoon director.

Telling on Your Loved Ones

In New Zealand, the director general of security Rebecca Kitteridge eyes, is asking good citizens to rat on their friends and neighbors. Here is the Guardian:

“New Zealand is rolling out a bespoke deradicalisation program as the threat from people holding violent anti-authority beliefs grows and its security agencies make an unprecedented plea for the public to report those showing signs of taking extremist action …

Rebecca Kitteridge, the director general of security, said her agency’s caseload was now an equal split between violent extremism motivated by identity, faith, and anti-authority views — a significant shift from a year ago when the latter did not feature on the threat landscape.

Such views gained momentum during New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdowns and vaccine rollout, and some were on display during the occupation of the grounds of parliament.”

The official definition of “extremism” listed on the New Zealand government website is kind of peculiar:

“Religious, social or political belief systems that exist substantially outside of more broadly accepted belief systems in large parts of society, and are often seen as objectionable to large parts of society. Extreme ideologies may seek radical changes in the nature of government, religion or society or to create a community based on their ideology [emphasis mine].”

The important caveat is that under the bulldozer of the upside down language, those of us who seek authority over our own bodies are freaks of nature jeopardizing “our democracy” and “grandma killers.” (Let me ask once again though, whose democracy is it?)

Interestingly, it looks like that particular New Zealand program started just a couple of weeks before the “global coronavirus pandemic” was announced. No coincidence, nothing to look at. And now, the authorities in New Zealand are releasing a brochure for the general population on how to spot ‘em enemies of the people.

Generously, the brochure states that it only deals with violent forms of extremism, while “non-violent forms of extremism, however objectionable, lie outside the purpose of this booklet and outside NZSIS’s areas of focus.” Thank you, no, really, thank you.

Land to the Tyrants

According to the Telegraph, the Dutch government plans to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU nature preservation rules.

“The Netherlands is attempting to cut down its nitrogen pollution and will push ahead with compulsory purchases if not enough farms take up the offer voluntarily. Farmers will be offered a deal ‘well over’ the worth of the farm, according to the government plan that is targeting the closure of 2,000 to 3,000 farms or other major polluting businesses.

Earlier leaked versions of the plan put the figure at 120 per cent of the farm’s value but that figure has not yet been confirmed by ministers. ‘There is no better offer coming,’ Christianne van der Wal, nitrogen minister, told MPs on Friday. She said compulsory purchases would be made with ‘pain in the heart,’ if necessary.”

Van de Wal’s official title is “Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy.” What an amazing title. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum is reminding us, peasants, that we may own nothing, still, but happiness is no longer a goal.

How Do We End This Torture?

This sadomasochistic, torturous circus gotta stop, and since there is no hero savior coming, it is our job to stop it. But how do we stop it? And can we stop it quickly?

I think that the honest answer is, it depends. Existentially, I think depends on how quickly we deal with the bad spiritual habits that we’ve collectively accumulated over many centuries of living under domination — be it the willingness to accept abuse — or the willingness to abuse others who are not “our kind.”

I believe that the possibility of victory is very real — and sooner or later, our lives will heal and shine with great beauty and true freedom — but our prospects of winning soon greatly depend on how quickly we let go of our egos, our pride, our attachment to various talking points — and start communing with the spirit like children, in defenseless honesty and trust, and without trying to dominate others in the name of our ideas.

There is a very understandable war cry among the very brave warriors of freedom, stating that our sole problem is the tyrants. To my senses, the tyrants — the terrible, despicable, sadistic tyrants — are definitely a problem.

They are criminal creatures. They have holes in their heart space. However, they are feeding on any kind of bad energy that we allow in our own lives, they are feeding on our centuries-old bad habits, and they just love it when we get dogmatic and act like mini-tyrants to prove our point, substituting the goal of doing what’s right with the goal of being right and having the last word in the conversation.

It is often said, and I say it myself, that we are in a spiritual battle — but it’s worth asking, what does it mean, and what kind of spiritual battle is it? In my opinion, the battle we are in is a battle for the love in our hearts, and for the sanctity of free will — and against the principle of domination.

It is not a battle for any talking points of any particular group of people. It is not a battle of isms. It is not a battle where one institutional belief tramples the other.

The spiritual battle is about our actual relationship with the infinitely alive spiritual forces, it’s about accepting the fact that we depend on the spiritual forces for everything in life, that we should be grateful and gracious, and that we partake in the creation by respecting our own souls and the souls of others, and by making choices from a place of love and gratitude for all the good things, some of which are completely beyond our understanding.

I think this battle will be won when we allow ourselves to relax into the mystery of life and be guided on how to win it on mysterious terms that are spiritually solid and beautifully healing. There is no formula for this. It’s just love. The absence of formulas is the beauty of our relationship with the sacred.

Our spirits really are sacred. The sanctity of our spirits does not depend on our ideas, they are just sacred. And I think that when we disallow the tyrants from riding our spirits — be it through ungrounded trust for them or through feeling fear — when we break our ties with the ghost of domination in earnest — miracles will happen. We have no way of knowing when it’s time for our victory. We don’t know when it’ll happen. But it will happen.

May our love shed bright light onto all the dark corners where the monsters were hoping to hide from the truth, may they be unable to hide, and may our love erase any fear. There is no fear in our hearts, there is no fear in our house of love. We will win, may we have the patience and the courage to do what it takes until we actually win, and may we heal ourselves and our loved ones completely. We will win, and may our love guide us to win the soonest.

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