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Disease Expert Blasts Japan’s Ministry of Health: Halt Vaccine Campaign & Investigate All Vax Injuries


Disease Expert Blasts Japan’s Ministry of Health: Halt Vaccine Campaign & Investigate All Vax Injuries
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Japan’s Ministry of Health was taken to the woodshed for refusing to halt the COVID vaccine rollout, and was called upon to further investigate the many documented adverse reactions stemming from the jab. Dr. Masanori Fukushima, Prof. Emeritus at Kyoto University with 25 years experience as an infectious diseases expert, warned the Ministry that the government must conduct a “proper investigation” into the COVID vaccine’s damaging side effects. “There has been thought to be widespread harm that has transpired, which surmounts to billions of lives that may be in danger,” Fukushima told the Health Ministry leadership during a conference last…
Source: www.newswars.com/disease-expert-blasts-japans-ministry-of-health-halt-vaccine-campaign-investigate-all-vax-injuries/

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