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More scientists speak out against gain-of-function virology research and predatory vaccine development – Natural News

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(Natural News) In 2014, the U.S. government placed a moratorium on gain-of-function (GoF) virology research, yet the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) continued to fund coronavirus GoF research through EcoHealth Alliance at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Going by its most benign definition, GoF gives an organism (e.g., a fish or a bacterium) a new property or enhances an existing property. However, for viruses, bacteria, or fungus, these newly enhanced properties could lead to dangerous, deadly results, especially if lab leak were to occur (intentional or not).

At its most nefarious core, GoF research allows scientists to enhance the infectivity and lethality of biological agents to exploit rodent, mammalian, and human immune responses. In the case of coronavirus GoF, coronaviruses can be obtained naturally from a bat reservoir at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Then, the viruses are passed through humanized rodents several times, forcing the evolution of new viral traits. Designing highly infectious bioweapons and exploiting immune responses allows scientists to develop profitable diagnostic tests, drug candidates, and vaccine programs.

Gain-of-function virology research is unethical

As the covid-19 plandemic continues to unfold, more scientists are speaking out against GoF virology research and predatory vaccine development. Rutgers University microbiologist Richard H. Ebright is speaking out against GoF research. “It is a matter of public record, not a ‘conspiracy theory,’ that the WIV used NIH funding to conduct gain-of-function research between 2014 and 2019,” he said. “Gain-of-function research of concern has no — zero — civilian practical applications.”


Defenders of GoF research argue that artificially enhancing viruses allows vaccine makers to pre-empt future pandemics by developing vaccines and therapeutics in advance.

“As far as I know, they are all theoretical and no beneficial examples in the real world exist,” said Dr. Hideki Kakeya, an engineering professor at Japan’s University of Tsukuba. “There is a slim chance of GoF contributing to therapeutics in the real world. It’s often the case that scientists lie to get huge grants.” These huge grants only allow scientists to create the conditions for future lab leaks.

There’s no way of knowing whether the lab leaks are intentional or unintentional, but when a new pathogen is identified and a vaccine and testing program is already prepared before a global pandemic is quantified, suspicions will naturally arise. For instance, the covid-19 vaccines were already prepared before the covid-19 pandemic was declared. The spike protein behind SARS-CoV-2 infections was further manipulated so it could be encased in lipid nano-particles and sent to human cells through injection, to mass produce spike proteins in the body. These covid-19 testing programs and vaccine programs were ultimately a complete failure and exploited the global population in an unethical and criminal way.

“I am not aware of any specific benefits for the general public that have come from gain-of-function research on dangerous pathogens,” German physicist Roland Wiesendanger told the Daily Caller. “There are only benefits for the scientists performing such risky research because they get a lot of taxpayers’ money for that.” As seen with the covid-19 plandemic, the GoF research leads to global outbreaks, propaganda campaigns, government terror, and further taxpayer funding for vaccine and testing programs.

“I do get the impression it (coronavirus GoF research) slipped through review with little attention,” said Dr. Simon Wain-Hobson, professor of molecular retrovirology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Dr. Wain-Hobson can’t believe GoF researchers continue to play around with viruses, never learning the lesson that the danger isn’t worth the perceived benefits. Despite years of enhancing viruses, there are still no real-life examples where GoF research has led to scientific breakthroughs to improve human health or prevent disease.

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