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Another Lie: ‘Information Disorder’ and How to Resist – Dr. Joseph Mercola


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  • The phrase “information disorder” frames independent thinking as a “national security issue” and a psychiatric diagnosis
  • According to an insane 2020 “study” out of Nepal, sufferers from information disorder syndrome “need psycho-social counseling and sometimes require strong regulations and enforcement to control such information disorder”
  • Astoundingly, another study from Australia from 2022 attributes vaccine injury to the harms of “misinformation,” alleging that it is misinformation-caused fear that causes injury
  • When there is so much gaslighting and bullying around, it can be hard to even think about healing; however, the trick is to be patient and to insist on removing pain even under pressure
  • Praying from our hearts, like unsophisticated children, can guide us when we feel like there is just too much to handle

This story is about two things. On the one hand, it’s about the abysmally shameless “information disorder” that the bullies invented to build back — I mean, bully — better. On the other hand, it is about healing while in the middle of being bullied and subjected to things that are abysmally unfair.

First, let’s talk about the notorious “disinformation disorder.” The phrase is a toxic little artificial nugget of language designed to be a psychological weapon against free expression. It “recontextualizes” free expression as a crime against “our democracy.” (Wait, whose “democracy” is it?)

The phrase “information disorder” frames independent thinking as a “national security issue” and a psychiatric diagnosis. The aspiring masters forget mention that independent thinking can only be framed a crime in a world that is run by malevolent predators and supported by their neurotic victims.

Predator Framing

Speaking of “abysmal.” If you want to stare into an abyss, here is an Intelligence Squared US Debates panel on the “Information Disorder.” By the way, after watching it, you will need to shower. I am not kidding. It’s that dirty.

Psychiatric Diagnosis?

And here is “disinformation disorder” defined as a combination of a social issue and a psychiatric diagnosis. Grated, what I am quoting is just one insane “study” out of Nepal from 2020 — but somebody did accept it for publication, and it’s sitting on the NIH website!

“Many of us may be unknowingly suffering from information disorder syndrome. It is more prevalent due to the digitized world where the information flows to every individual’s phone, tablet and computer in no time. Information disorder syndrome is the sharing or developing of false information with or without the intent of harming and they are categorized as misinformation, disinformation and misinformation.

The severity of the syndrome is categorized into three grades. Grade 1 is a milder form in which the individual shares false information without the intent of harming others. Grade 2 is a moderate form in which the individual develops and shares false information with the intent of making money and political gain, but not with the intent of harming people.

Grade 3 is a severe form in which the individual develops and shares false information with the intent of harming others. The management of this disorder requires the management of false information, which is rumor surveillance, targeted messaging and community engagement.

Repeated sufferers at the Grade 1 level, all sufferers from grade 2 and 3 levels need psycho-social counseling and sometimes require strong regulations and enforcement to control such information disorder.”

And we know that this is not just theory because the oppression is from horizon to horizon. For example, when brave Dr. Meryl Nass had her license suspended, they also ordered a psychological evaluation!

And another thing. If we go with the logic of this “study,” then inevitably, the question arises: Are the people like Tedros and Fauci and Daszak Grade Two or Grade Three offenders? Are they merely trying to profit, or are they trying to harm people? Which one is it? Who has the answer?

Personally, I am getting fed up with this “war is peace,” and “up is down.” I was born in the Soviet Union. I know what it’s all about. Nothing good for the people! But wait, it gets more crazy.

“Misinformation” as a Primary Causative Agent of Vaccine Injury

Like I wrote recently on my Substack, here is a “study” “claiming that the side effects of the safe and effective COVID injection result from … wait for it … misinformation. According to the authors, scared little buggers get strokes and heart attacks and blurry vision after vaccination because they are … scared.”

“Please tell it to Maddie, the child who enthusiastically enrolled into the Pfizer trial and ended up crippled (and abandoned my Pfizer). Please also tell it to my two personal friends who enthusiastically got the injection, one nearly died the same day, and the other one is still severely injured. My heart is bleeding, and my blood is boiling.” Here is a quote from the outrageous piece of propaganda, masked as a “study:”

“Misinformation perpetuated by the anti-vaccination movement may be causing more deaths and side effects from any vaccine. A mini review of published literature has been conducted and found that mental stress clearly causes vasoconstriction and arterial constriction of the blood vessels.

Therefore, if subjects are panicked, concerned, stressed or scared of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and become smaller in and around the time of receiving the vaccine.

This biological mechanism (the constriction of veins, arteries and vessels under mental stress) is the most likely cause for where there has been blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, loss of smell and taste that may have been experienced shortly after vaccine administration.

The extreme mental stress of the patient could most likely be attributed to the fear mongering and scare tactics used by various anti-vaccination groups.”

Where do we go from here?


The extensive bullying does two things. On the one hand, it crashes freedoms directly. But even more treacherously, it serves to create a psychological condition in which we end up barely hanging by our souls, always under pressure, always a little disconnected as a result of all the yanking, too tired to stretch our hearts and hands to the sun and honor our spirits.

When the people are barely hanging by their souls, too tired to be whole, it is an ideal condition for the dark ones to vampire anything they can get a hold of. And that is on purpose. They super-squeeze us so that we don’t have the energy to resist, or even to think about resistance.

Last month, I wrote a detailed article about the supersqueeze and the altered state we may enter when we are subjected to excessive squeezing. Here is how the supersqueeze was used during COVID:

“In the early COVID days, Blackrock and friends did a three-punch (a hundred-punch, really) attack.

While the media arm of BlackRock and friends thoroughly ‘jammed the channels’ with 24/7 fear porn — their ‘hospital administration influencer’ arm enforced the protocols and the ideological thinking that saved zero lives and actually took many lives away — thus making the ‘COVID pandemic’ far more terrifying than the one they tried to pull off in 2009 — and their pharmaceutical arm made bank from the forced ‘mass product adoption’ of a rather shady product, which was greatly assisted by the fact that all the channels designed for processing ‘negative’ stimulation were so thoroughly jammed by the 24/7 fear porn and, in some places, sadly, by many unnecessary deaths (I am in New York, and the deaths were real) that the ‘receptor’ to process the warnings about the ‘COVID response’ or the COVID ‘vaccines’ was not free to do its job.”

“It was jammed. Jammed over jammed over jammed. And so a lot of people screamed: ‘The mask and the vaccine are the ways out of this supersqueeze, the supersqueeze I cannot take.

I don’t want to hear any one negative thing about it, I cannot take the supersqueeze, so just give me the mask and the vaccine. Now. NOW. And shut uuuuuuuup!!!’ Shame on the fearmongers who purposely jammed the channels. Shame on them.”

Against the Thievery

All tyrants are thieves. Thievery is their business model. When given a chance, they try to steal energy in different forms: land, property, freedom, independence, and at the root of it, they try to steal the inalienable connection each of us has to our own spiritual powers.

That, by the way, was the reason why the power-hungry elites and the politicians of the past — blasphemously so — chose to pretend to be representatives of the sacred spirit on Earth while in reality being mere greedy politicians.

That was why they worked so hard to decimate and slander the so called “pagans,” much like today, they are slandering and decimating he “antivaxxers.” What they wanted to destroy was the independent connection to the sacred, the connection that is from the Creator and that does not require institutional approval.

It took me many years to realize what they did but once I saw it, it became cynically clear. Just like the COVID tricks, once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And that, by the way, is one thing that we, the descendants of so many slandered innocent people, need to straight out to stop the Great Resets from happening, in earnest.

Slandering and abusing innocent people isn’t cool. We all have ancestors who have been slandered. There needs to be truth. There needs to be justice. We are all connected to the spiritual powers at the very core of us, the Creator is love, the universe is made of love, the crap that exists is to give us an opportunity to exercise our free will, and various institutional slogans are a human invention and a marketing trick by tricksters.

The Healing Arc

Now, I want to talk about the arc of healing while in the middle of oppression. This is something that I have personally explored due to the abuse I’ve encountered before COVID (I was in an abusive marriage, a long and ugly story with a good ending) — in addition to the abuse we are all facing now.

On the logical level, healing in the middle of oppression seems like a task that defies all logic. But, speaking from experience, once you have gone through it, you learn that extreme discomfort is the method that life uses sometimes to force us to become bigger than we knew we were, to rise above our pain as we work to remove it, and to grow our souls in the process.

And it only makes sense after the soul has grown enough to know the big picture. And then you look back and exclaim, with great joy: “Wow, that is what it was all about! Wow, that’s amazing! I am so happy!!!”

And by that time, the pain is gone. Gone, gone. All healed, but you are now stronger, more grounded in your beautiful soul, and you can smile ear to ear as you stretch your hands and your soul to the sun and just feel that feeling, the wonderful feeling of aliveness.

And yes, the deliberate wrong doers are 100% responsible for their wrong doing. I believe that when we are grounded, the mysterious powers guide us how to handle the wrongdoers, and how to protect ourselves from their scamming.

I can tell you what works for me to deal with bullies. A sincere prayer. Sincere in the most child-like sense.

You can talk to God, to your ancestors, to the higher spiritual powers however you feel them in your heart, and don’t worry about formalities. No need to try to sound smart or proper. Just talk how you feel.

Cry out to the skies with your troubles, and confusions, and mistakes you think you may have made, ask for advice and guidance, and expect nothing but love on the other end. Nothing but love. Just like a parent who is not broken would never be cruel to the child who maybe has even made a mess, the higher powers are not here to punish us. They respect us as long as we respect our souls.

Healing is a mysterious process. It doesn’t live in the same quarters as intellectual logic. But we need it. We need it always, and especially now. Here is my prayer.

I pray for the healing. I pray for all of us, free people, to straighten out our spines and to remember who we are, with dignity. I pray for us to jump out of the trap and to draw our energy from the memory of being loved children (even if we need to go back and love ourselves all over because perhaps our childhood wasn’t perfect).

I pray for a reconnection with our good ancestors so that they can guide us to become whole, for real, without pretense, whole like we were born to be.

We always deserved to be loved children. All those lies, all that hurt, it was a mistake.

The good thing is, mistakes can be fixed, and healing can be all-encompassing and complete.

It was never right to steal from us.

It was never right to steal our confidence and the importance of our spirits.

It was never right to steal our connection to the Earth.

It was never right to steal our dignity.

It was never right to steal from us.

It was never right to steal our importance.

It was never right to look through us without seeing us.

It was never right to intentionally or unintentionally abuse us.

May we shake off all the pain, all the abuse, all the neglect!

May we heal. May we heal the soonest! May we live well the soonest!

We are love.

I forgive myself for all of my past stumbling completely. I come from love, and my love is valid.

I say so, and I ask my good ancestors to help.

About the Author

To find more of Tessa Lena’s work, be sure to check out her bio, Tessa Fights Robots.

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