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Tucker Carlson… THE END OF CARS – EV Electric Car Insanity



In its 2022 report, the USGS reports that in 2021, over 70 percent of the global cobalt production required for lithium, came from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and that Southern Congo sits atop an estimated 3.5 million metric tons, which is almost half of the world’s known supply.

The problem, according to UNCTAD, is that dust from cobalt mines often contains toxic metals such as uranium, and DRC mines may contain sulfur minerals that can generate sulfuric acid, according to UNCTAD.

When exposed to air or water, sulfuric acid can lead to acid mine drainage, polluting rivers and drinking water for hundreds of years.

And, up to 40,000 children in the Congo are estimated to be working in these mines under slave labor conditions.

Research and consulting firm Circular Energy Storage reported that emission results can range from 39 kg CO2 equivalent per kilowatt hour to 196 kg CO2e/kWh, which significantly impacts the potential positive impact of electric vehicles. For example; to make an average Tesla battery creates 6,500 tones of CO2. This places the Tesla behind the 3 liter gasoline car by 7 years. You will have to drive your highly polluting electric car for 7 years compared to a gasoline fuel car, before you rack up ANY environmental savings.

“If an electric vehicle is using a 40 kWh battery its embedded emissions from manufacturing would then be equivalent to the CO2 emissions caused by driving a diesel car with a fuel consumption of 5 litre per 100 km in between 11,800 km and 89,400 km before the electric car even has driven one meter.

“While the lower range might not be significant, the latter would mean an electric car would have a positive climate impact first after 7 years for the European average driver,” Circular Energy reports.

SUMMARY: Lithium mining kills children by the thousands, and then destroys the water supply in the land for more than 100 years. Finally you will have to drive your highly polluting electric car for 7 years compared to a gasoline fuel car, before you rack up ANY environmental savings.

SOURCE: The Epoch Times, “Electric Vehicles: Trading One Form of Hazardous Mining for Another”

Also, there are the issues of

1) there is not a sufficient disposal method for spent lithium batteries, and

2) there is extreme danger if EMS responders use water to extinguish fires in car accidents with lithium powered vehicles, toxic gas, fire, and explosion risks exist if water is introduced to the material in these batteries, and

3) the power grid cannot support the kVA demand of charging these vehicles.

Please let us stop this frenzy. Natural Gas production is the only way to get us through our consumption demands until another technology is developed.

Global Warming/Climate Change caused or correctable by humans IS A HOAX.

EV’s Dirty Secret


Toxic Waste