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LIVE: Shellfish Venom Bioweapon EXPOSED, Gorka BLASTED, Docs Find Nanowires Amping Radiation Therapy – Stew Peters

Friday, June 17th, The Stew Peters Show brings you a jaw dropping episode to kick off your weekend!

Jonathan Otto joins to discuss what his and Dr. Brian Artis’ findings are on the deep state’s next new bioweapon is, and how it is linked to Shellfish venom!

Dr. Aryiana Love joins to back up Dr. Jane Ruby’s findings on tissue scaffolding technology and microspheres used on vaccinated people.

Mike Lindell has been CANCELED by Walmart. He joins to discuss his next steps, and how we fight the Globalist agenda on free speech!

TR Sartor joins to discuss what Virginia parents might face if the school board passes a mixed-gender curriculum.

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