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Life Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Out for COVID Shot ‘Experiment’ – Dr. Mercola

A wealthy man in France who had life insurance got his COVID shot and died. When his family tried to claim the insurance, the company refused to pay out, saying the shot was experimental and they don’t cover medical experiments.

To make matters worse, the judge in the case called the man’s death a suicide because the possible side effects, including death, of the shot are well-known, and since he chose to get it anyway, then he basically chose to commit suicide — nullifying the insurance payment because medical experiments and suicide are not covered in life insurance policies.

If you don’t think that could happen in the U.S., know that the American Council of Life Insurers has announced that life insurance policies may deny payment if you die from the COVID vaccine because they are experimental drugs.

While “fact” checkers claimed this is entirely false, at least one law firm has posted on its website that they are getting calls and emails from people whose claims were denied after a loved one died after the shot.


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