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COVID September 2021 Death Report Shows Millions Dying Worldwide from Government Mandated Shots

New important analysis, The Vaccine Death Report, was recently published by Dr. Zelenko and David Sorensen that outlines with meticulous facts and evidence that millions of deaths and serious adverse events have resulted from the experimental COVID-19 injections. The report is version 1.0, September 2021. They intend to update these reports as the numbers and evidence continues to grow.

They state that the purpose of the report is: “to document how all over the world millions of people have died, and hundreds of millions of serious adverse events have occurred after injections with the experimental mRNA gene therapy. We also reveal the real risk of an unprecedented genocide.”

Here are some highlights from the report:

1) There are at least 5 times more deaths than what is being reported. Some of the evidence includes:

a) Whistleblower testimony from a CDC healthcare fraud detection expert
b) Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) study showing the actual number of anaphylaxis is 50 to 120 times higher than claimed by the CDC.
c) Corrupt Reporting practices and more

2) Moderna has had at least 300,000 adverse events in 3 month span

a) Internal Moderna whistleblower showed a “Confidential – For internal distribution only” which showed “approximately 300,000 adverse event reports and 30,000 medical information requests in a three month span”
b) Government reporting systems did not publicly report this and neither did Moderna.

3) Less than 1% is being reported; meaning real number of adverse events is 100x higher according to the Lazarus report from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care inc study in 2009

4) Populations are unaware and misinformed about the dangers

a) Under reporting causes are numerous
b) Public continues to see ‘Vaccines are safe and the best way to protect yourself from disease.’ despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
c) Scientists and journalists who speak out are being labeled ‘domestic terrorists’ and are targeted by government and big tech supported censoring methods.
d) Doctors are afraid to report deaths due to liability, financial incentives, and targeting by officials.

5) Tsunami of adverse events are being reported on social media

6) World Top scientists issuing dire warnings

7) Vaccine Deaths Worldwide

a) European Union: 22,000 people died and 2 million suffered side effects, of which 50% are serious.
b) United Kingdom: 100,000 adverse events were reported, including 1260 cases of loss of eyesight (including total blindness). Also miscarriages increased by 366% in only six weeks, for vaccinated mothers. Even more alarming, British Yellow Card reporting system found it unfit to properly reveal the true number of adverse events.
c) Israel: data suggests the true number of deaths in Israel can be estimated around 48,000 and adverse events in general around 375,400.
d) Brazil: Official government numbers show 32,000 deaths during a 5 month period

Here is their reasoning that worldwide genocide is occurring:

When we once again remind ourselves that in general less than 1% of vaccine adverse events is being reported, and of that number the majority (in the USA 500%) is being hidden by the officials, we clearly see that the worldwide genocide is a reality. The aggression with which this verifiable fact is being denied and suppressed by ‘fact checkers’, social media giants, news media, government officials and health agencies, shows the severity of this unprecedented worldwide criminal operation. It is imperative that every person with a conscience stands up against this indescribable crime against humanity.

The report goes on to analyze the science behind whether the vaccine actually works, why deaths and adverse reactions are occurring, and why it is so critical that people become aware of this nightmare situation we find ourselves in.


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Hackers apparently hacked into Pfizer and released a ton of info on Covid vaccine batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses due to the Covid 19 vaccine. This site may slow down due to high traffic so a backup site has been created to reduce overload. This is a treasure trove of information.
Original link:
Back up site:

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