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Jan 6 Medic Says Feds Killed Patriots, Planted Pipe Bombs, Biblical Floods Hit Vaxxed Australia

Thursday on the Stew Peters Show, veteran Chris Alberts, who served as a medic on January 6th at the Capitol, speaks out about the murderous involvement of the FBI, CIA, and other Fed operatives who attempted to soil that patriotic day, and how he is an eyewitness to government murder, including the man the left lionized, strike-victim officer Brian Sicknick. He’s being attacked, and facing legal trouble, but the enemy cant silence him!

Visit Chris Alberts’ Give Send Go to support him and his family:

Investigative journalist and soon-to-be ROAR nation show host Maria Zeee addresses the unnatural floods and outbreaks of encephalitis that may signify the coming End Times warned about by Jesus Christ.

Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter exposes the depopulation goals of the satanic transgender movement, and details who funds the radical demons who are hell-bent on sterilizing children and silencing the masses.

Wendy Heineck raises the alarm on another death-care hospital in Mississippi, who are killing her husband through endless Covid bureaucracy, and mysterious blood clots materializing after massive transfusions of blood from vaccinated zombies.

And, dont miss Stew blasting holes in the atrocity porn narrative being pushed by bought-and-paid-for ‘journalists’ about an alleged hospital attack in Ukraine which likely involved the Nazi-SS obsessed Azov battalion.