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‘The COVID Cartel Lied; People Died; It’s Your Fault’ – Dr. Mercola

For more than two years major media have been using their so-called “respected” fact-checkers to debunk any information on the COVID pandemic that doesn’t agree with the CDC’s and WHO’s drumbeat press releases.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson was just one person that The Washington Post’s fact checker, Salvador Rizzo, gave four Pinocchios to for “lying” about COVID vaccine information. Specifically, Johnson was called out for giving “false” information on the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

The only thing was, Johnson was the one telling the truth. It was Rizzo who was giving out false information, by trying to turn truth into lies and lies into truth. And, while people died, he and his Fourth Estate cohorts continued to spread lies as truths, including blaming the unvaccinated with natural immunity for the ongoing pandemic.

SOURCE: The Federalist February 24, 2022

The Washington Post July 16, 2021