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Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes Pfizer Fraud – Dr. Mercola

A former Blackrock portfolio manager, Edward Dowd, has come forward to explain what’s really going on behind the pandemic shutdowns and mandates — and it’s all about money and a pending global collapse of the financial industry.

“We have a global debt problem,” Dowd says. “And it’s been since 2008 kind of a clarion call … they know you can’t keep it afloat forever.” With that in mind, he says when he saw the “COVID thing go down,” he immediately was suspicious that what was happening wasn’t about COVID at all.

“It was a perfect cover for central banks to print money for an emergency … and put in place medical tyranny systems as cover for a collapse of the financial system to prevent riots … All the pensions are broke, he says — and “it’s just a system of control.” Where Pfizer is concerned, he became suspicious when he was looking at clinical trial reports and FOIA-requested documents.

What he saw was that in the vaccine clinical trial groups, there were more deaths than in the placebo group. He also noticed that biotech industry executives who saw that were suddenly refusing the boosters and those who hadn’t yet been vaccinated were deciding not to get the shots.


Rumble KLIM News February 15, 2022

Twitter, Edward Dowd February 3, 2022