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WINNING: Saturday 2/12/22: The Day That the World Put the Tyrannical Leaders of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset on Notice

I was surfing @gettr today (great content on there by the way) and I came acroos a poster named kim Neville and I want to give her a big shoutout for posting all great content today and I used her protest content in this video. All I can say is that if I lived in France I would be livid at the heavy handedness of Macron’s thug cops in dealing with their protesters. I can guarantee you that if it gets like that here in Canada when they go to removing the protesters Canada will erupt like it will be a bench clearing brawl in hockey. These Davos Table of Rome, New World Order Dictatators days are numbered Netherlands Mark Rutte, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Trudeau here in Canada, and Australia’s Scott Morrison.

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