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Maybe they should call it CANOLA JOES instead of Trader Joes since nearly all of their processed products contain rapeseed oil – Natural News

Image: Maybe they should call it CANOLA JOES instead of Trader Joes since nearly all of their processed products contain rapeseed oil

(Natural News) Many decades ago a Canadian scientist figured out how to turn deadly rapeseed oil, a known insecticide, into a cheap, “FDA-approved” oil to be used as a preservative in foods. Now canola oil is a top export from Canada to the USA, and several “natural food” stores, including Trader Joes and Whole Foods, are putting it in thousands of products because most Americans, even many natural health advocates, have no idea the damage it does to the body and brain.

Some consumers think canola oil must be okay if it’s certified organic, or expeller-pressed, or simply sold at a “natural foods” store, but they would be dead wrong. Comprehensive studies done on canola oil, sourced in this article, reveal damage that’s done to the heart and brain, not to mention that rapeseed oil causes memory loss and mass weight gain. So where might this far-from-nutritious oil be found? One would need to write an entire book to list all the products, but let’s start here.

Whole Foods and Trader Joes put canola oil in thousands of their products — it’s cheap and hardly anyone knows it causes weight gain and memory loss

Head on out to a “Canola Joes” in your town and start flipping over nearly every processed and prepared product in the store, and read the ingredients carefully. Remember, the closer to the beginning of the ingredients list you find it, the more the product has in it, compared to other ingredients.

Start with prepared hummus, potato salad, salad dressings, soups, mayonnaise (even vegan), and most prepared foods that are mixed up in a creamy way. Even bugs won’t eat this stuff. This is done because it keeps the food from spoiling so fast, so Trader Joes can keep it all on the shelves much longer, making them more money while unknowing Americans suffer the health consequences, all while thinking they’re buying “healthier” food.


Don’t forget to also check for canola oil in chip bags, breads, cookies, cakes, nuts, seeds, most desserts and nearly all the frozen prepared meals that contain rice, vegetables, fried meats and more.

Canola study reveals direct link to heart lesions and a decrease in working memory 

Here’s what happens when you consume canola oil regularly. Scientists have discovered a DIRECT LINK to a loss of working memory, heart lesions and cardiovascular problems. Rats that consume it also experience rapid weight gain. Maybe that’s why every third American is overweight, and half of those folks are considered obese. Canola is the opposite of “heart healthy” as the lying corporate labels imply. Plus, more than 90 percent of canola oil is genetically modified to contain even more pesticides.

How does canola oil mess up your brain? Researchers concluded canola oil increases plaque build-up that causes degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Memory function for rats tested decreased while body weight increased significantly. Most restaurants in America use canola oil also, because it’s so cheap and they don’t have to reveal it on the menus.

If you’re ever driving and see huge fields of yellow flowers, especially in Europe, you are probably looking at rapeseed flowers. The toxic oil that comes from processing rapeseed is called erucic oil, and it’s still present in canola oil. It raises bad cholesterol in humans, both young and adult.

If you still feel you must micro-shop at Canola Joes or Canola Foods stores, be sure not to purchase any products that contain canola oil, or you might lose so much memory that you don’t even remember reading this article.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on contaminants purposely put in the American food supply, so you don’t eat them anymore.

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