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1 in 95 Boys in Just One School Has Myocarditis From the COVID Jab – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Are myocarditis and pericarditis from the COVID-19 shots as “extremely rare” as the CDC and other world health agencies and officials say? Not by a long shot, says Steve Kirsch, who’s been following and investigating reported side effects of the COVID jabs.

A retired engineer with two degrees, Kirsch has no conflicts of interest in this issue; he’s just interested in the truth. And the truth is the rates of myocarditis in boys after a COVID jab are as much as 100 times higher than the 1 in 13,000 you’re being told.

Even before Kirsch’s latest findings, the CDC’s own numbers showed it was more like 41 times higher. But now the numbers from a school in California indicate the number is closer 1 in 95.

This is not something to be swept aside, Kirsch says, because children are being sacrificed for the sake of the shot, and they are going to die unnecessarily unless somebody speaks out. And that, he says, is why he is telling the world the truth, even though he knows the CDC will deny the numbers.

In his latest blog, he meticulously lays out those truths — including the fact that the CDC is lying about the rates of vaccine-induced myocarditis compared to COVID-induced myocarditis.

SOURCE: Steve Kirsch December 27, 2021