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How NAD Drip Cures All Types of Covid

Most Americans do NOT know about the many benefits of NAD “drip” therapy

Wondering why most Americans don’t know about these safe methods to beat Covid? Because they work and they’re inexpensive, that’s why. NAD regenerative therapy is simple and convenient, where the person can sit in a chair and read, surf the internet or watch a movie while the drip is administered through an IV (for about 90 minutes).

On a cellular level, NAD IV therapy delivers oxidized coenzyme directly into the bloodstream, allowing more of the vital coenzyme to be absorbed by the body, circumventing the digestive system that would otherwise break down much of the effectiveness before it gets to the cells.

NAD is known to improve cognition, reduce pain, boost energy, revive neurological function, reduce inflammation and delay the onset of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. In fact, lowered levels of NAD have been scientifically linked to fatty liver disease and diabetes, but hospitals and most medical doctors in America are not allowed to tell their patients about it or use it for Covid because it works. Only useless means of addressing Covid are allowed in Western Medicine, like gene therapy jabs (that CAUSE vascular and immune problems), Remdesivir (that cripples kidney function), masks that cause bacterial infections and booster shots that will worsen ADE disorder (autoimmune deficiency enhancement disorder).

Dana White is not anti-vaccine so how will the mass media degrade him and say he’s an anti-science freak, when he already got the Covid jabs? Here’s White commenting on the situation:

“Rogan is a very brilliant guy, very smart guy who talks to the best and the brightest out there. And I’m not a believer in the narrative. I’m not a big believer in the narrative. But you know what, at the end of the day, (Jim)? It’s a free country.”

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