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Twitter Censoring Tweets That Say Vaxxed Can Spread COVID – Dr. Joseph Mercola

In a quiet change to its terms of service, Twitter is now arbitrarily censoring tweets that claim people who have had the COVID-19 shots can spread or shed the virus.

The social giant also listed other COVID-related offenses that could garner penalties, including  citing medical research that Twitter determines is representative of “a specific narrative that diminishes the significance of the disease.” The penalties range from having “corrective” labels put on the offending tweets to being permanently banned from Twitter.

“The change was made on December 2, 2021, according to Wayback Machine archives retrieved by Reclaim the Net,” Mediaite reports. “The policy contradicts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, which notes the ‘risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection in fully vaccinated people cannot be completely eliminated as long as there is continued community transmission of the virus.’”

SOURCES: Mediaite December 14, 2021