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See the Real Evidence Used to Justify the COVID-19 Shots – Dr. Joseph Mercola

In a stunning 51-page report, the Canadian Covid Care Alliance — a group of over 500 doctors, scientists and health care professionals — unveils the clinical studies upon which health care leaders around the world based their decisions to approve and then mandate the COVID-19 shots.

For example, did you know that Pfizer’s original trial report of December 2020 actually showed only two months’ worth of safety and efficacy data? Did you know the claim that the shot had a 95% efficacy represented only the “relative” risk reduction, NOT the absolute reduction, i.e., the actual efficacy number, which was 0.84%?

Did you know that Pfizer’s most recent report showed an increase in both illness and deaths — meaning there is no benefit to the shot when compared to the risks? In page after page and chart after chart, this report blows the whistle on all the missteps, deceit and misleading demographics used to justify the COVID shots.