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Jab Causing Massive Increase in Miscarriages – Dr. Mercola

In a video interview at the Worldwide Freedom Rally in Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian Dr. Daniel Nagase revealed that stillbirths are “exploding” in fully vaccinated Canadian women.

In just six months, Waterloo, Ontario, has seen 86 stillbirths. Normally, the area sees five to six stillbirths a year; British Columbia saw 13 in just 24 hours. Nagase is demanding that the government begin releasing the death statistics for all injuries and deaths connected with the COVID jabs.

“We should not be asking some administrator for permission to get the death statistics,” Nagase says. There are so many people getting deathly ill within two weeks of their second shots, Nagase says, yet health authorities are blaming hospital stays on the unvaccinated.

Labeling the vaccine-injured as unvaccinated is “an absolute lie,” he says. “We have the right to all the information and all the details.”

SOURCE: Bright Light News November 23, 2021