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Tucker Carlson: We never had a better country be run by worse people.


Carlson took the time to praise law enforcement, noting that they “truly understand the human condition” in “truly the hardest job there is.”

“In their absence, you really appreciate them so profoundly. Why aren’t they treated as the most heroic people in America?” Carlson asked.

Although Carlson spent time celebrating the people in the country, he joked that the government was managed by some of the worse people.

“I often say to myself, never had a better country been run by worse people,” Carlson said.

Ultimately, Carlson praised the American culture for producing a uniquely nice and kind people.

“They are nice. That’s the first thing I’ve noticed about Americans. They are nice, kind people,” Carlson said. “Run out of gas in any other rural country and find out what happens to you.”