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COVID-19 Vaccine Victims and Trial Participants Speak Out, Mercola, Del Bigtree

She only wanted to help the cause when she signed up for AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine trials in the U.S., but now Brianne Dressen is suffering from side effects from the shot and no one will help her.

Dressen spoke at a roundtable hearing sponsored by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., in Washington, D.C., with others who told their stories of being injured by the COVID-19 shots. From Dressen, who was a preschool teacher, to an airline pilot, to a triathlete to a teenager to the father of a 16-year-old son who died after his shot, and more, each told their stories of how they willingly signed up for the trials or simply went and got their shots — only to suffer possibly lifelong injuries and, as in the case of the 16-year-old, death.

“The media has branded us ‘misinformation,’ ‘anti-vax.’ They’ve done everything to discount us,” Dressen said later in an interview with Del Bigtree on “Highwire.” Dressen explained that she was injured a year ago in the trials, but is just now speaking out after meeting a groundswell of others with similar issues stemming from all the vaccines. While she contacted various government agencies only to be ignored, it was only when these injuries started happening to kids that she realized she and others needed to step up and speak publicly, she said.

In the roundtable, a weeping Ramirez said he and his son got the shots together because he thought it “was the right thing to do …  They said it was safe. Now I go home to an empty house,” he said.

As person after person told their story — most of them sobbing — each described numerous neurological and cardiac issues, yet, instead of getting help they are basically being shoved aside and ignored. The pilot has had six spinal taps and two surgeries. His doctors did acknowledge that only the vaccine or major head trauma could have caused what he’s going through.

“My body will not stop attacking itself,” Dressen said, as she read a letter from a friend who also was injured by the experimental shot. “This has taken everything from me: my family, my career, my life.”

As the meeting wore on, some expressed doubts that anything would happen beyond their testimonies given that day. “Once we leave here they’re going to forget about what we said here,” Ramirez said.

Before the roundtable began, Johnson indicated that he was listening, and that’s why he was holding the meeting. “Telling the truth in today’s cancel culture is not necessarily easy,” Johnson said. “You can pay a pretty heavy price for it … It’s a real shame that we’re having to hold this roundtable. Had government officials, heads of our health care agencies, had they been doing their job, had they been honest and transparent with the American public, we wouldn’t be here today.”

SOURCE: The Highwire November 5, 2021