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FBI Agent Dies Hours After His COVID Shot – Dr Mercola

FBI Agent Dies Hours After His COVID Shot PDF

A recently widowed woman who heard someone at a school meeting complain that they just didn’t understand why people won’t “give up their arm and get the shot? Is it really that difficult?” has made a video pleading for the madness to stop.

When she heard the complaining woman, she said, “Immediately, I wanted to vomit, for a lot of reasons.” I’m not anti-vax. I’ve never been an anti-vax person. I do believe in freedom. I do believe in ‘our body, our choice.’ I think science is cool.”

But does she trust everything about science and, more specifically, does she trust all scientists? “Absolutely not,” she says. Then, fighting sobs, she explains that her husband, an FBI agent, believed in freedom too, so much so that he went for the COVID shot even before it was mandated. He even teased her for worrying about the shot’s safety.

After the shot, he immediately felt sick. He went to bed with a severe headache. She rubbed his feet and nursed him until he went to sleep but, five hours later, he was dead.

The medical examiner ruled it a coincidence, “purely a coincidence,” the grieving widow says. “Science. I’m here to beg you, please, those that are fighting and speaking out against the mandates, please know [the ones fighting the mandates] are not doing it just because they don’t want to ‘give their arm for a shot.’”

She ends the video by commenting that maybe people are fighting the mandates because they know someone like her husband, somebody they loved, who was taken from the world so soon by this vaccine. “And those who are making these mandates, I sure pray and hope that nobody that you love has been taken too soon … from science, from a shot that was made so quickly, and we’re told just to trust.”

SOURCE: Odysee October 25, 2021