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Top 18 Countries for Vaccination have the poorest success rate, cases and Deaths.

An interesting correlation here.

Photo 1 shows the 18 countries in the world that as of the first week in August were more heavily vaccinated than the rest of the world average. Note that “World” is about halfway down, row 19.
Photo 2 shows that of the 18 most heavily vax countries, 8 of the 18 recently ranked Level 4 for spread of COVID, 7 ranked Level 3. ( Marked with a red line to the right of the Country) .
The top half of Photo 2 shows that for 15 countries with more than 60% vax, 10 of the countries are on the worst CDC travel warning list for COVID ( Level 4 and Level 3) .
Why do the long-term trends over the last 2 months show the most heavily vax countries having the worst COVID problems?
BONUS TOPIC: I’m pretty sure that in reality United States should be in the warning list so it’s really 16 out of 18. Remember back on May 1, the CDC announced that they would stop counting all vax breakthroughs that did not require hospitalization….So the number of cases per million should be WAY higher for the U.S. than what is officially shown – and U.S. would have been a Level 3 or Level 4 ranking.
EXTRA BONUS TOPIC: If indeed the vaccine keeps most people from having such severe symptoms and they’re rarely hospitalized, why with such a success story are they so strongly pushing a third dose now?
Your thoughts?
SOURCE: CDC and Our World In Data per Johns Hopkins University.