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The Current Worldwide Covid Outbreak is 70%+ Among the Fully Vaccinated

The UK just released their weekly COVID surveillance report, this one is for week #41.
Table #2 on page 12 shows that the vaccinated portion of their population over age 30 has about TWICE as many cases per 100,000 as the unvaccinated.
Yup – read that last sentence again.
Last week’s report for week #40 showed the same trend.
But the numbers this week are even worse for the vaccinated. Follow this link to the report from week #40 and compare to the graphic below for week #41. ( )
About 70% of the UK population is vaccinated, and per hundred thousand people there are TWICE as many cases occurring in the vaccinated.
And that shows consistently for all 6 age groups above age 30.
This is not a pandemic of the non-vaccinated, it is a pandemic of the non-immune.
And 2/3 of the sick in UK are the vaccinated.
Looking like the vaccination must be weakening the immune system compared to the people that are not vaccinated. If so, will this be true for other diseases the immune system tries to fight also?
What can be done to improve the immune system of those that are vaccinated?
And where are the long-term major Safety studies on the vax?
UPDATE: As just published in the New England Journal of Medicine, this worrisome trend has also been found in another study (