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Health Care Workers, Teachers Get a Reprieve From Mandated COVID Vaccine

A Northern District Court of New York judge has given a temporary reprieve to health care workers who are protesting COVID vaccine mandates. Judge David Hurd handed down a restraining order September 14, 2021, in their favor.

“Thomas More Society filed a lawsuit on behalf of several doctors, nurses, therapists and technologists against Governor Kathy Hochul, Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard A. Zucker and Attorney General Letitia James,” Liberty Counsel reported. The lawsuit alleges that the state’s mandates eliminating religious exemptions and considerations is unconstitutional.

Hurd’s order prevents the New York Department of Health from enforcing the rejection of exemptions and from interfering with the granting of them.

In other news, Newsmax reported that New York City’s teachers received a reprieve of their own, with city mediator Martin Scheinman ruling that “teachers who cite medical conditions or religious beliefs keeping them from getting a COVID-19 vaccination must be allowed either unpaid leave or a severance package, rather than being fired.


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